Clearspring - Organic Shoyu Soya Sauce, 150ml & 500ml

Clearspring - Organic Shoyu Soya Sauce, 150ml & 500ml

Brand - Clearspring
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Quick Description

Transport your taste buds into savoury heaven with Clearspring Organic Shoyu Soya Sauce. An authentic recipe made the traditional way, this is Soya Sauce as it should be done!

Key Information

  • Authentic Japanese Shoyu Soya Sauce
  • Made from whole soya beans
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Certified organic
  • Fat and Sugar Free

Product Overview

Introducing Clearspring’s Organic Shoyu Soya Sauce. Soy sauce done right. Made in Japan by artisan producers, get ready for a traditional formula and authentic flavour that stands out from the crowd.

The Shoyu Soya Sauce is made with organic whole soya beans rather than soy isolates. It is slowly and naturally fermented in cedarwood kegs with roasted wheat.

Expect a deep flavour that shows the love and care that went into making it. A distinct and tangy tone that will bring life to even the dullest of dishes. Did we mention it’s vegan-friendly, sugar-free, and fat-free too?

Perfect for seasoning soups, veggies, sauces, dips, dressings, or using as a sauce on its own. This is the authentic Japanese staple your cupboard is missing.

Rich, savoury, and subtly salty, prepare for taste transformation in a bottle. All you have to do? Stock up, pour away and take your dishes to flavour-filled heights you didn’t even know were possible.

Clearspring Organic Shoyu Soya Sauce - 150ml

Perfect for solo cooking and occasional use.

Clearspring Organic Shoyu Soya Sauce - 500ml

Ideal for soya sauce lovers or big families.


Water, soya beans* (19%), wheat*, sea salt.
Organically grown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Soya Sauce good for me?

Research into the health benefits of soya sauce is in its early days, so it is too early to know the true impact it could have on our health and wellbeing. However, lucky for soya sauce lovers, there has been some promising research.

Certain studies have indicated that soya can help reduce the effects of allergies and is a good source of antioxidants. It has also been suggested that soya sauce can be beneficial for digestion, gut health, the immune system and reducing blood pressure.
Health benefits aside, soya sauce is most certainly beneficial to the tastebuds, and remember, some foods are good for the soul!