Clearspring for the Vegan Kitchen

Keeping a pantry stocked with plant-based products used to be difficult. Thanks to Clearspring, it’s now easier!

Staying on and maintaining a vegan diet is a conscious choice. It’s our way of helping not just the planet, but the living beings within it - that includes us! Just because beef, poultry, and pork are widely consumed around the world, doesn’t mean it’s always healthy. 

Enter Clearspring! Clearspring believes that health lies within organic and plant-based ingredients. So, they made them accessible to as many homes as possible. In the UK, the Clearspring brand has become a staple in vegan kitchens. Why is that?

When you buy Clearspring, you’re getting sustainably sourced and authentic food. Whether you’re buying Clearspring miso, Clearspring organic tofu, Clearspring soya mince, or Clearspring tea… you’re guaranteed to get top-quality vegan products!

We like how we’re getting good, honest food when we buy Clearspring products. There are multitudes of choices out there now, and sometimes we can’t tell which are good or bad. For this, we have one simple tip - When in doubt, check Clearspring out!

Premium and Organic Products Made the Clearspring Way

Clearspring began nearly three decades ago with a bowl of miso soup. Clearspring Miso Soup is what started its unique journey to, now, 300 authentic products. They still continue to produce Japanese and Japanese-inspired products to this day, but they have since expanded their product line to include European foods as well.

Clearspring’s foods have clearly been all about sustainable and organic ingredients. It’s always been the core of what they do. After all, these organic ingredients give us authentic tasting food. Plus, being free from all the artificial additives or any refined sugar, Clearspring’s products are already better than most! It seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of us often forget, putting artificial ingredients into your body isn’t a good thing! So, why would you buy from anything other than Clearspring whenever possible?

Clearspring’s food gives us award-winning flavours. What products have received the Great Taste Award? Clearspring Tofu, Clearspring Tamari Soya, Clearspring Tea, and (of course) Clearspring Miso… and this isn’t even the full list! Clearspring has more than 25 Great Taste Award-winning products. We’re not surprised if there’s actually more!

We mentioned this a handful of times already, but Clearspring is truly a brand we trust to give us authentic, organic, sustainably-sourced, and plant-based ingredients. They’re simply that good.

Best of the Best Clearspring Products

We found it quite difficult to shorten this list. Clearspring has loads of great products and we didn’t want to skip on any of them! But if we had to choose a few to urge you to try, here they are. Do check them out!

Clearspring’s Organic Japanese Umeboshi Plums

If you don’t have a jar of umeboshi at home, you may want some now. Clearspring brings you umeboshi that’s grown in small batches. This allows for more care and precision in pickling the umeboshi plums using traditional methods. A little bit can be enjoyed over a warm bed of rice or rice balls.

Clearspring’s Organic Japanese Umeboshi Paste

If you don’t want the whole, pickled plums, you can get Clearspring’s Organic Japanese Umeboshi Paste instead. Tart and tangy, this paste is a sushi seasoning, dip, spread, and sauce.

Clearspring’s Organic Brown Rice Amazake

What is Brown Rice Amazake? Think of it as a creamy, dairy-free dessert! That’s right - it’s a sweet dessert! It’s quite a feat that it is, too. It’s just made with 3 ingredients - rice, water, and sea salt.

Clearspring’s Organic Japanese White Miso Paste (Unpasteurised)

Clearspring’s beginnings had a lot to do with miso. Clearspring, while keeping its original miso goodness, continued to develop its products. Enrich your sauces and stews by giving them an umami boost. Use it as a dressing or glaze for delicious roasted veggies.

Clearspring’s Organic Hatcho Miso Pouch

Add richness to your everyday cooking with Clearspring’s Organic Hatcho Miso Pouch. This fermented soybean paste is dark and rich, offering umami flavours. Sometimes, try skipping the salt and add miso - taste the difference!

Clearspring’s Organic Soba 100% Buckwheat

You can never have too many noodles. Clearspring’s Organic Soba is a pack of traditionally slow-dried, 100% buckwheat noodles. It’s a pantry staple that can be used to make stir-fries and soup dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Clearspring products gluten-free?

Not all the products Clearspring makes are gluten-free, but many of them are! You can and will find gluten-free alternatives to normally wheat-based products. For example, you’ll find noodles made from wheat flour and buckwheat flour, but you can also find noodles made with gluten-free alternatives like rice flour!

You’ll also find other rice products from Clearspring like sushi rice or brown rice vinegar

Can Kids Eat Clearspring Products?

Of course! Clearspring products can be and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Plus, it’s never too early to introduce your kids to clean, healthy, and authentic food.

Kids these days are exposed to so much junk food. When you start teaching them all about how food can actually taste great while being healthy, they won’t be tempted by those junk foods anymore!

Are Clearspring Products Safe?

Not only are they safe, but they’re diverse, organic, and totally plant-based! Clearspring only uses ethically sourced ingredients whenever possible. And let’s not forget that all of Clearspring’s products are free from artificial additives and any refined sugars.

So safe? Absolutely.

Is Clearspring Matcha Good?

We think so! We are matcha lovers here and we think one of Clearspring best is their Organic Japanese Matcha Sencha Green Tea. It’s a refreshing matcha tea with a mellow and smooth taste.

Don’t believe us? Try some for yourself. PlantX has them in tea bags or in a loose-leaf variant.

Why do people love Clearspring's product?

Clearspring has always been upfront about wanting to make food using wholesome, organic, and sustainable ingredients. In doing so, they are able to make great-tasting authentic food - what’s not to love?

Are all the products of Clearspring vegan?

Clearspring is all about supporting the plant-based diet. From cupboard staples to more unique ingredients, they make living plant-based a little easier by making their products accessible to almost everyone!

Do Clearspring Products contain sugar?

Clearspring makes products that are free from refined sugar. In fact, they even have a natural alternative to refined sugar! Check out their mellow and sweet Clearspring’s Organic Rice Malt Syrup!