Clearspring - Organic & Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Multiple Sizes

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Clearspring - Organic & Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 1L
Clearspring - Organic & Cold Pressed Sesame Oil, 500ml
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Clearspring - Organic & Cold Pressed Sesame Oil - nutrition
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Clearspring - Organic & Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Multiple Sizes

Brand - Clearspring
1 review
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Quick Description

Clearspring brings a light, toasty, and nutty sesame oil to the table. Organic and cold-pressed, this multi-purpose oil is a kitchen must-have!

Key Information

  • Organic and cold-pressed sesame oil
  • Light and delicate sesame flavour
  • Instantly lifts the flavour of bland dishes
  • Toasty and nutty
  • Aromatic cooking oil

Product Overview

It’s time to season with sesame! Clearspring’s Organic & Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is a high-quality oil that has a variety of uses inside and out of the kitchen.

Sesame oil is often used in Oriental and Middle Eastern cooking. Some dumpling restaurants make their own dipping sauces, and most of them add sesame oil to it! Hummus can also be topped off with some oil to give it a more earthy profile.

How about when you’re in the middle of frying something? Just before you’re done, a drizzle of Clearspring Sesame Oil could bring toasty notes to that dish. Sesame seasoned popcorn? Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Having a hot bowl of ramen? You’ll often see sesame oil on the side when dining at Japanese restaurants. Topping it off or “finishing” the ramen off with a dash of sesame oil on top before eating gives broth more depth. Toasty often complements the salty and rich ramen broth well.

Skin Benefits of Sesame Oil

Outside the kitchen, sesame oil has abundant uses. You can actually use it on your skin to reap the health benefits that it provides. Sesame oil has antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin stay healthy. It also won’t tend to clog up your pores.

Hair Benefits of Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is also great for hair treatment. This can get to the scalp and roots to help provide overall nourishment. It could also encourage hair growth. Hair could end up looking smoother and your scalp - moisturised.

Cooking Instructions

Sesame oil can be used from start to finish when cooking. It does have a maximum heating temperature of 180°C, so that’s one thing to consider. Light sautées or frying with sesame oil shouldn’t be problematic. You’ll find that it imparts its flavour to the ingredients easily.

When cooking with sesame oil, we do recommend trying and tasting as you go. You could end up taking over the natural flavours of dishes even though sesame oil has a lighter taste!


100% Organic sesame oil

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I deep fry with Clearspring Organic & Cold Pressed Sesame Oil?

That depends! Intense deep frying would probably be a no-no. The temperature of this sesame oil should not exceed 180°C. As long as you’re frying below the suggested temperature, it should be ok.