When it comes to dairy-free milk alternatives, nut milk is one of the most common. Cashew and almond milk are quite popular and it’s easy to see why when they’re so delicious and creamy! All dairy-free milks have their own unique taste that goes well with all kinds of beverages. 

Here at PlantX, you’ll also find more than just nut milk. Choose from oat, coconut, hemp, soy and many other dairy-free milks! Talk about range. If you’re looking for gluten-free milk, then you’ve come to the right place. We also stock hazelnut milk which, surprisingly, isn’t a nut.

Why Switch to Dairy-Free Milk?

Dairy-free milk is better for your body, the planet and the animals! For years, milk has been associated with cows. Milk and creamers have long been breakfast table staples. It’s hard to skip on them. They pair so well with coffee, tea, smoothies, cereals, and granola. But nowadays, there’s so much more to choose from than regular or low-fat cow’s milk.

Now, you can buy vegan and dairy-free milk to suit your lifestyle. Can’t have dairy? There are loads of UK dairy-free milks to choose from! Going nut-free? We’ve even got hemp milk!

Also, switching to dairy-free milk is more environmentally friendly (we go deeper into this a little bit later).

Is Dairy Milk Or Dairy-Free Milk Better?

While there are always pros and cons to each, we believe that plant-based milk (of course) is the way to go! Environmentally speaking, dairy-free milk and vegan milk requires less land and less water to make. The production that goes into making dairy-free milk produces far fewer greenhouse gases, too!

Your regular milk also goes through a lot of processing just to make it safe to drink. Raw milk needs the pasteurisation process to kill any potential bacteria that may be harmful to us humans! Some, though not all, dairy-based milk contains preservatives as well.

Ingredients-wise, we think plant-based milk is king! To make dairy-free milk, all you need is the core ingredient which, as we learned earlier, are your nuts, oats, hemp, or soy. Add some water and maybe a little salt to taste and that’s it! You got yourself dairy-free milk! You’ll find that most vegan milk only contains a short list of ingredients. Definitely thoughtful and definitely wholesome ingredients!

Top Dairy-Free Milk Brands To Try

Nutty Bruce’s Organic Activated Unsweetened Almond & Oat M*lk

Four simple ingredients make up Nutty Bruce’s Organic Activated Unsweetened Almond & Oat M*lk. All wholesome ingredients with no added sugar, gums, and preservatives! It’s nutty and delicious and can be enjoyed as it is!

Sojade - Organic Unsweetened Soya Drink

Creamy and mellow, Sojade’s Organic Soya Drink is just like dairy milk, but without the dairy (of course)! It brings the great taste of soybeans sustainably grown. This dairy-free milk is a wonderful source of plant protein, too! You won’t find gums, oils, gluten, added sugar, preservatives, and stabilisers.

Rude Health’s Organic Hazelnut Drink

Rude Health’s Organic Hazelnut Drink is known for its delicious taste and silky texture. This hazelnut-flavoured drink is made with roasted Italian Tondo Gentile Hazelnuts. You can enjoy a cold glass by itself or blend it in with your favourite brew, tea, or smoothie. 

Rude Health’s Organic Coconut Drink

Another favourite from Rude Health is their Organic Coconut Drink. It’s exactly what you want for plant-based milk. It’s silky and creamy, making it great for having with muesli, porridge, granolas, and cereals. Why not try enjoying it over ice on its own? You’ll find that it tastes great and is deliciously refreshing!

Oatly’s Oat Drinks (Whole, Semi & Skinny)

One of the best alternatives to milk, Oatly’s Oat Drinks bring creamy texture and mellow flavour. Like dairy-based milk, you can get Oatly’s Oat Drinks in different variations like whole, semi, and skinny.


Can I cook or bake with dairy-free milk?

Of course! Many brands tend to make vegan milk and creamers as versatile as possible. So that means you can drink them solo, add them to beverages, pour them on cereal, and even bake with them. The substitution ratio for regular milk is also usually 1:1 unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise.

There are, however, some products specifically made for cooking if you’d prefer. We think Sojade’s Organic Soya Based Cream Alternative is a great one.

Can I steam or froth dairy-free milk alternatives?

There are quite a number of vegan milk and creamers that will froth and steam nicely. Some brands offer barista options of dairy-free milk that are specially crafted to froth and pair well with your coffee. All that’s left is to choose which dairy-free milk you think tastes the best for your blends!

Tree of Life’s Barista Oat Drink, Minor Figures’ Barista Oat Milk, and Glebefarm’s PureOaty Barista Style Oat Drink are great choices to start with. 

Are there any gluten-free milk options out there?

Most UK vegan milk alternatives are made from soy, nuts, hemp, coconut, and oats. These are the usual, naturally gluten-free ingredients. But not all non-dairy milk is made the same! It’s always best to check the labels in every carton or pack to make sure that you’re getting the right dairy-free milk for you.

But, as always, we’ve got you covered! Here’s one gluten-free milk that we think you’ll love: it’s Rude Health’s Organic Oat Drink!

How do I store vegan milk?

Store your vegan milk and creamers like you would regular cow’s milk! When unopened, they can be kept in a cool and dry area in the pantry. Do not place them in direct sunlight!

Once opened, non-dairy milk and creamers are best kept in the fridge. Powdered creamers can stay in the pantry unless the brand specifies otherwise.