That’s where dairy-free yoghurt comes in as well. A lot of people who try to dodge dairy still enjoy having a little yoghurt snack in the middle of the day; some grab yoghurt when they’re just too busy to eat at work, and some parents give their little ones a cool and refreshing yoghurt treat when they’re done playing outside.

As the name suggests, dairy-free yoghurt is non-dairy yoghurt. That also means that it is usually ok for vegans to eat! Keep a watchful eye on those ingredients, still. Some dairy-based ingredients (like milk chocolate) might sneak their way into your regular yoghurts. That’s why we’ve done the research on dairy-free yoghurts and other vegan-friendly products for you! You certainly won’t find ANY animal ingredients or animal byproducts here on our site.

Why are vegan dairy-free yoghurts all the rage with fitness folks? Well, aside from their gut-friendly properties, they also often are low-calorie and low-sugar alternatives. They taste great without making you have to pay for it down the line - which is great!

What Is Dairy-Free Yoghurt Made Of?

Dairy-free yoghurts can be made with ingredients like coconuts, almonds, soy, cashews, and even peas! The most accessible plant-based yoghurt options are soy yoghurt (also known as soygurt!), coconut yoghurt and almond yoghurt. They’re all super tasty dairy-free yoghurts! The recipe usually imitates the taste and texture of dairy-based yoghurts. So, yes, you can get your Greek-style yoghurt as well as plain ones. You have dairy-free yoghurt choices - and boy there are loads!

Non-dairy yoghurt blends are also quite popular. You can get strawberry-infused vegan yoghurts as well as tropical flavoured ones. Of course, you can also find vanilla flavoured dairy-free yoghurt. 

There’s also a lot of science that goes into making yoghurt, even dairy-free yoghurt. Don’t let that scare you, though! Plant-based yoghurt is just as tasty and healthy as their dairy counterparts. What we mean by science however, is the introduction of probiotics. These live and active cultures can also be found in plant-based yoghurt - sometimes millions of them! That means we can still enjoy the gut-friendly benefits when eating plant-based yoghurt. Plant-based yoghurt just doesn’t feel like yoghurt without the live, vegan cultures.

Taste, texture, and science all contribute to the growing popularity of dairy-free yoghurt. Whether you’re just looking for something new to try or are focused on dairy-free options, we’ve got you covered!

Try Out Some Of These Dairy-Free Yoghurt

Nush's Almond Milk Yoghurt - Mango & Passionfruit

What makes Nush’s Almond Milk Yogurt good for you? It’s got 20 billion live, vegan cultures per tub. Also, since almonds are the star of this tub of dairy-free yoghurt, you can bet they’re awesome - they’re made with the finest European almonds! This is protein-rich, too. Every tub contains 6-8 grams of it.

Oatly’s Greek Style Oatgurt

Smooth and creamy with subtle sourness (that’s good), Oatly’s Greek Style Oatgurt is a great dairy-free yoghurt alternative to regular yoghurt. Have it for breakfast, blend it in with smoothies, thicken up curries, or just have it by itself! Oatly’s Greek Style Oatgurtis a rich source of calcium, iodine, and vitamins B12 and D2.

Sojade’s Organic Greek-Style Soya Yogurt Alternative (Hazelnuts)

With every spoonful of Sojade’s Organic Greek-Style Soya Yogurt Alternative, you’ll get a refreshing taste of hazelnuts. It is a soy-based alternative that uses ingredients that have been cultivated in France! It’s organic, guaranteed GMO-free, dairy-free, and absolutely delicious.

Koko's Dairy Free Dairy Free Plain Yogurt Alternative

Since yoghurt is a nice, cooling, and refreshing dessert, do you know what would make it even better? Coconuts! Creamy and deliciously coconutty, this Coconut Yoghurt Alternative is naturally low in fat and low in sugar. This dairy-free yoghurt is full of calcium, vitamin D 2 and B12.

Nush’s Choc Pots: Chocolate Orange

Sometimes, we just need yoghurt to feel like a little indulgence. Nush’s Chocolate Orange Choc Pots take care of that! It has live vegan cultures, just like good vegan yoghurt would. But it also brings creamy almond milk to the mix! Nush’s Choc Pots: Chocolate Orange is also a gluten-free yoghurt!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my dairy-free yoghurt at room temp? Or do I need to chill it?

Treat your vegan yoghurt as you would your dairy-based yoghurt. As a general rule, keep dairy-free yoghurt chilled when you’re not eating it. If you leave your plant-based yoghurt at room temperature, bacteria might start to grow - and not the good kind!

Chilled vegan yoghurt is just superior. When you add a cool dollop or two to your bowl of oats or cereal in the morning, it just tastes better! 

Do you have any allergen-free yoghurts?

We absolutely do have allergen-friendly dairy-free yoghurts, quite a few actually! You’ll love our dairy-free yoghurt choices here at PlantX.

A lot of plant-based yoghurts are made with naturally gluten-free ingredients. If you’re still a little iffy, maybe stay away from oat yoghurts and check the labels to make sure. Here’s a great gluten-free dairy-free yoghurt you can try - Nush’s Almond Milk Yoghurt Strawberry Tubes!

Lactose and dairy are two common reasons why people just can’t have delicious and healthy yoghurt. Luckily, we have lactose-free and dairy-free yoghurt like Sojade’s Organic Natural Yoghurt!

Is Greek-style yoghurt ok for vegans to eat?

Traditionally, Greek-style yoghurt would not be vegan-friendly because of its dairy content. But vegans don’t have to miss out on cooling tzatziki and creamy yoghurt desserts anymore! You can find loads and loads of Greek-style plant-based yoghurt in the market now, especially here at PlantX.

May we direct you to this wonderful hazelnut-flavoured vegan yoghurt - Sojade’s Organic Greek-Style Soya Yogurt Alternative! How about Oatly’s Greek Style Oatgurt?