Rocks - Squash, 740ml Multiple Flavours

Rocks - Squash, 740ml Multiple Flavours

Brand - Rocks
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Quick Description

Rocks Squash, 740ml: Multiple Flavours, refreshing drink options in a convenient size.

Key Information

  • Multiple Flavors: Rocks Squash offers a range of delicious flavours to choose from, catering to a variety of tastes. Whether you prefer traditional orange, fruity blackcurrant, zesty lemon and orange, or other exciting options, there's a flavour for everyone.
  • Concentrated Formula: This squash is typically a concentrated liquid, which means you can mix it with water to your preferred strength. This allows for a customizable taste experience, making it suitable for both those who like their drinks strong and those who prefer a milder flavour.
  • No Added Sugar Options: Many Rocks Squash variants come in no-added-sugar formulations, making them a healthier choice for those looking to reduce their sugar intake. You can enjoy the great taste without the guilt.
  • Hydration and Flavor: Rocks Squash provides a flavorful way to stay hydrated and enjoy a burst of taste in your drinks.

Product Overview

Rocks - Squash is a delightful and versatile beverage concentrate available in a 740ml bottle, and it comes in various enticing flavours. This drink offers a convenient way to enjoy a refreshing and flavorful beverage, allowing you to customize your drinks to your liking. Whether you prefer a classic orange or a more exotic tropical fruit blend, Rocks - Squash caters to a wide range of taste preferences.

Each bottle of Rocks - Squash is packed with concentrated goodness, making it an economical choice, as a little goes a long way. Simply mix it with water to achieve your desired flavour intensity. It's perfect for creating delicious thirst-quenching drinks on a hot summer day or for adding a burst of flavour to your daily hydration routine.

The multiple flavours offered by Rocks - Squash allow you to experiment and discover new taste combinations. From traditional citrus options to more unique and bold selections, this product is a versatile addition to your pantry. Rocks - Squash is not only great for personal use but also an excellent choice for parties, gatherings, or events where you can impress your guests with a variety of enticing drink options. Enjoy the convenience and deliciousness of Rocks - Squash in every sip!

Rocks - Squash Blackcurrant is a flavorful beverage concentrate known for its bold and tangy taste. This syrupy concoction, often mixed with water, creates a refreshing and fruity squash drink. The deep, rich essence of blackcurrants adds a delightful twist to the classic squash, making it a popular choice for those seeking a vibrant and fruity beverage experience.

Rocks - Squash Lemon is a refreshing beverage known for its zesty lemon flavour. This drink combines the tanginess of lemons with a hint of sweetness, creating a delightful and thirst-quenching experience. It's a popular choice for those seeking a refreshing and citrusy drink to enjoy on a sunny day or as a mixer for cocktails. With its natural lemon taste, Rocks - Squash Lemon offers a burst of citrusy goodness in every sip.

Rocks Squash Orange is a refreshing and vibrant beverage. With its zesty and natural orange flavour, it provides a delightful and thirst-quenching experience. This carbonated drink is perfect for those looking for a tangy and fruity alternative to traditional sodas. Enjoy the fizzy, citrusy goodness of Rocks Squash Orange in every sip.


Spring water, Cane Sugar, Fruit Juices From Concentrate (Blackcurrant 18.5%, Apple 14.4%, Lemon 0.4%), Citric Acid

Rocks Spring Water*, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Whole Lemons (15%), Citric Acid*, *Non Organic

Rocks Spring Water, Cane Sugar, Organic Whole Oranges (11.%), Citric Acid, Organic Orange Oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Uses Are There For Rocks Squash?

Rocks - Squash is a concentrated fruit drink commonly used for making refreshing beverages. However, its versatility extends beyond that. It can be employed as a flavouring agent in cooking and baking, adding a unique fruity twist to sauces, marinades, and desserts. Its intense flavour makes it a handy ingredient for various culinary creations.