But, with so many amazing vegan soups and broths available, it can be hard to know where to start! We’re here to help. Consider PlantX your one-stop soup shop for everything you need to know about plant-based broths, from organic soups to organic soup stocks! Get ready to have all of your vegan soup questions answered…

What is the difference between soups, broths, and stocks? 

So, you may be pretty sure you know what a soup is, but what’s the difference between soups, broths and stocks? There are a wide variety of soups and they can be hot or cold, clear and creamy, lumpy or smooth, but they are almost all made using a broth or a stock as a base. A broth is water that has been simmered with fresh ingredients (like vegetables) to absorb their flavour and is then strained. Broth is similar to stock, however, stock is usually simmered for much longer, to absorb as much flavour as possible. Soups are made of either a stock or broth, combined with other ingredients like vegetables, cream, or anything that makes it even more yummy!

Different Types of Soup…

Vegan soup is a deliciously filling liquid lunch that will get you ready for anything. What do all organic soups have in common? They’re all bowls of pure flavour, but, apart from that, organic soups can be very different. Here are some key types…

  • Vegetable Soup… This might be the soup you are most used to scoffing, classically made with a blend of vegetables and organic soup stock this is a classic and delicious UK winter warmer. 
  • Noodle Soup… Noodle soup is made up of a broth filled with yummy cooked noodles. This vegan broth is guaranteed to serve deliciously satisfying Asian flavours. 
  • Minestrone… a traditional Italian plant-based broth made with vegetables, pasta and stock, this Mediterranean recipe is a crowd-pleaser. 
  • Chowder… traditionally a creamy seafood soup, a vegan chowder showcases vegan cream, sweetcorn, and veggies in a mouthwatering organic soup stock. 
  • Miso Soup… this Japanese soup made with miso paste brings umami flavours to the soup world, and is a central pillar of Japanese cuisine! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all organic soups vegan? 

The answer to this question is no… but also yes. Basically, not every soup is vegan, some are made with meat or dairy products, however, it couldn’t be easier to substitute vegan alternatives into these recipes to make delicious new alternatives. 

Take chowder, for example, it is traditionally made with fish and cream, but using corn and vegan cream makes for an equally mouthwatering vegan chowder alternative! 

Do I have to make organic soups from scratch? 

Absolutely not! Organic soup can be homemade, or you can opt for the easier option and buy it ready-made. At PlantX, we have lots of options for those that want to go for the latter. Take our range of Amy’s Organic Vegetable Soups, for example. These organic soups UK are available in 3 flavours - and they are all totally organic!

Are ready-made soups still good for me? 

Like all things, how nutritious a product is depends on its ingredients. Some brands chuck lots of salt or additives into their soups which can take away from their wholesome goodness. However, at PlantX, we make sure to source the best ready-made products, so you can enjoy easy food without worrying about unhealthy bits - including vegan soups and vegan broths. For example, the Amy’s Soup we have already mentioned is packed with only high-quality organic ingredients - no gluten, no soy, no GMOs! Our Mighty Miso soups are also totally organic too!

How can I zhoosh up my vegan soup?

A plant-based broth is always great on its own, but if you want to impress guests, why not try experimenting with toppings? Why not try making some homemade croutons by roasting some bread with oil in the oven? Roasted pumpkin seeds also make great toppers for a lovely organic soup. Or, if you want something with a bit more flavour, why not try sprinkling some Pimp My Salad Coconut Bacon onto your favourite vegan broth? Trust us, you won’t regret giving it a go…

Why are stocks important in soups?

Stocks are an essential ingredient when making soup because of their intense flavour. When adding liquid to your veggies when making a soup, it is easy for the mix to become bland as the flavours are literally watered down. The way stocks are made means that they have a powerful flavour. Therefore, by adding stock to your soup, you can add a liquid that brings more delicious flavour to your mix rather than taking it away. That’s why you can’t make soup without them!

Why are vegan soups & stock good for your health?

Obviously, every soup is different. So, the health benefits of soup will depend on what ingredients are in it. However, what’s great about vegan soups and stocks is that they are always packed with amazing vegetables that give them a hardcore nutrient punch. The way soups are made also makes them great for your health, as blending these veggies means they contain a high density of good stuff in every portion. So, as long as it doesn’t contain too much salt or fat, soups will always be a healthy option! 

How to make great vegan soups?

Thanks to the amazing flavours of delicious vegan veggies, making a vegan soup that tastes amazing is not difficult, but, if you want to ensure that your soup is great, here are some of our top tips…

Use a stock or broths

Using a stock or broth as the base of your vegan soup will ensure that every spoonful is brimming with flavour, so, whatever soup you are making, make sure you use a vegan stock or broth! 

Pick your favourite vegetables

The flavour of your soup will be driven by the veggies you put in it, so make sure you pick veggies that you love. If you love leeks, then leek and potato is the soup for you, or, if you are a broccoli fan, broccoli soup will be a sure win. 

Season with your favourite herbs and spices

Like any food, soups benefit from a healthy dose of delicious seasoning. So, whether you are going for herby or spicy flavours, be generous with it and get seasoning! 

Top Brands

If you are interested in making your own soup, why not try some of the delicious ready-made stocks available on PlantX? For example, the Marigold Vegan Bouillon Powder is an easy-to-prepare and versatile instant stock powder. The Vecon Concentrated Vegetable Stock is another great option that works great in soups, sauces, and gravies!

While making soup can be easy and delicious, ready-made soups can be just as easy, and just as delicious too! And, with the amazing range of organic soups on PlantX UK, there really is something for everyone. 

For example, why not explore the amazing Suma organic soup range? Try out their Tuscan Bean Soup, Mushroom Soup, or Rustic Vegetable Soup - they are all made with completely natural ingredients and no artificial flavours! 

Are vegan broths and stocks made with real vegetables? 

If you make vegan broths or stocks at home, then they will be made with delicious fresh vegetables - that’s what gives them their amazing flavour. When it comes to shop bought stocks, their ingredients can vary. However, the good news is that PlantX makes sure to stock only the best stocks, made with real vegetables. Like the Marigold Vegan Bouillon Powder for example - made from real celery, onions, carrots, and leeks!

Can I refrigerate organic soup?

Normally, the best way to store organic soup is to refrigerate it - this will keep it freshest for the longest. However, always check the packaging of the soup you buy to check the best way to keep your soup fresh. Some soups stored in a can be kept in a cupboard before opening for example. 

Is there oil in organic soup stock?

Vegan soup stocks can be made both with and without oil. If you are making stock at home, it can be good to begin by frying vegetables in oil to release their flavour. However, if you prefer cooking without oil, that’s perfectly possible too. When buying stock ready-made, just check on the packaging to see if it contains oil or not!

How long does organic soup last?

How long a soup will last depends on what kind of soup it is and what ingredients it contains. Homemade soup should last in the fridge for at least 3 days, but you should always taste a soup before you eat it, just to make sure it still tastes fresh. Unopened shop-bought soups will last longer, however, as soon as they are opened they are likely to last around the same amount of time, but always check the packaging to see the exact requirements for that type of soup.