Put it simply, there is no place better to shop for vegan groceries than PlantX. This plant-based online grocery store is dedicated to not only the vegan lifestyle but also aims to make it a little easier for those with dietary restrictions to shop. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and other free-from vegan groceries? We’ve got you covered with all the best vegan groceries.

Vegan Grocery Shopping Tips

When shopping for vegan groceries online in the comfort of your own home, it’s always good to bear in mind which vegan groceries you already have in your cupboard or fridge. Don’t forget the freezer, too! It’s amazing how many people get carried away and forget to make space for their plant-based groceries. That’s especially true when shopping for vegan groceries online!

Another tip is to shop vegan groceries as you would in-store. That way, you can easily look at your online cart and check to see if you’ve missed any vegan groceries. Shop for vegan dry goods first, then vegan snacks, and then perishable goods such as fruit, vegetables and fresh items. As always, you can leave the frozen and chilled foods last, too. This way, you’ll have a clearer mental list of your vegan groceries!

Our Top Picks for Vegan Groceries

Applewood’s Mexicana Vegan Cheese (Block & Slices)

Cheese! A definite household staple. Everyone loves cheese, even us vegans! There’s so much out there, but it’s so hard to actually find good ones. Luckily, we have Applewood’s Mexicana Vegan Cheese. Get this vegan grocery however you like, in slices or a whole block, this cheese is free from dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, lactose, or wheat!

Suma’s Organic Tuscan Bean Soup

Looking for a quick and easy lunch or dinner? With a can of Suma’s Organic Tuscan Bean Soup, you’re one step closer to a hearty and nourishing meal. All you need is 3 minutes on a medium heat pan, and you’ll be digging into this vegan and gluten-free soup! One of our staple vegan groceries! 

Clearspot Tofu’s Organic Scrambled Tofu

What’s breakfast without a serving of scrambled tofu? Lucky, we stock Clearspot Tofu’s Organic Scrambled Tofu. This vegan grocery is ready-to-eat, organic, and absolutely delicious egg alternatives that can be enjoyed as they are or complementary to a wrap or sandwich.

Bonsan’s Organic Kofu Grill Sausages

Onward with the breakfast train, Bonsan’s Organic Kofu Grill Sausages are a tasty start to any day. Why stop at breakfast with this vegan grocery? Have them for lunch or even dinner! They’re perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of herbs and spices. 

Suma Wholefoods’ Organic Vegan Green Pesto

Pesto pasta is a pasta lover's favourite… for many reasons! Made with simple, clean and organic ingredients, this jar of Suma Wholefoods’ Organic Vegan Green Pesto can make a delicious dish at home at any time. You can also enjoy it with some bread, on salad, or with pasta! 

MeatLess’ MeatLess Chilli Kabanos Sausage (Mini Chorizo)

MeatLess’ MeatLess Chilli Kabanos Sausages are what you can expect chorizo to be. They’re deliciously savoury and full of flavour. They also have a smoky taste as they’ve been smoked with beechwood. They’re also free from preservatives or artificial colours.


Can I safely buy my groceries online?

If you’re shopping here at PlantX, of course! We like to consider ourselves as the best place to get plant-based groceries. Our customers rely on us to safely pack and promptly deliver their groceries to their homes with little to no hassle at all.

We take care of our customers and have grown our online vegan grocery store with you in mind. We make sure everything is top-quality and 100% vegan so you won’t have to worry about anything at all!

Do you sell Asian ingredients at PlantX? 

We do! Vegan Asian ingredients are among some of the many vegan groceries we stock online here at PlantX, and vegan noodles are included!

We stock some of the most popular brands of vegan noodles, including Clearspring and King Soba. Why not check out Clearspring’s Organic Gluten-Free 100% Brown Rice Noodles and Organic Japanese Wide Udon Noodles? Or if you’re looking for ramen noodles, may we recommend King Soba Organic Brown Rice Ramen Noodles?

Have a browse of our vegan groceries section to check out what other Asian ingredients we have in stock. It’s not all noodles and seaweed wraps. We’ve got condiments, too!

I can’t have gluten. Do you have gluten-free plant-based groceries for me?

We have loads of gluten-free vegan groceries here at PlantX. Let’s start you off with some staples, shall we?

Freee makes a bunch of gluten-free vegan groceries. Among some of our favourites are the Maize & Rice Penne, Buckwheat Penne and Red Lentil Penne - perfect for making plant-based pasta dishes!

Baked treats can also be tricky to make when you can’t have gluten. We recommend the amazing Lazy Day Foods’ Chocolate Chip Shortbread for when you want a chocolatey vegan treat without the wheat.

Speaking of baked treats, we know that flour is another pantry staple that could use a gluten-free alternative. This Organic Pure Coconut Flour by Tiana Fair Trade Organics is a great place to start

I’ve just joined the plant-based lifestyle! Where do I start?

We’re glad to have you here. Welcome! We can go for the more “alternative” approach and suggest great vegan grocery substitutes to help make the switch easier. 
You may enjoy eating eggs for breakfast. Here at PlantX, we’ve got some great egg substitutes for your vegan grocery needs online. Orgran’s Vegan Easy Egg is great for making vegan scrambled eggs and omelettes and contains the equivalent of 15 eggs per box! The Free & Easy Gluten & Dairy Free Egg Replacer is also a fantastic vegan sub for baking or other recipes that require eggs. Get this - one tub is equivalent to 45 eggs!