Linwoods - Sprouted Milled Organic Flaxseed, 360g

Linwoods - Sprouted Milled Organic Flaxseed, 360g

Brand - Linwoods
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Quick Description

Linwoods Sprouted Flaxseed is great for binding egg-free baking, even just a sprinkle of sprouted flaxseeds adds omega 3 and prebiotic qualities to a dish!

Key Information

  • 100% organic and milled sprouted flaxseed
  • High in Omega 3 (ALA)
  • Sprouted for increased available nutrition and prebiotic qualities
  • Rich in protein & fibre
  • Gluten-free

Product Overview

Sprouting is an ancient technique that has been used to increase the nutrients and health benefits of nuts and seeds. It involves germinating seeds so that they begin to grow and release the nutrients they carry.

Once these organic flaxseeds begin sprouting they are slowly dried and then cold-milled to ensure none of their nutrition is lost. They are rich in Omega 3 (ALA), protein and fibre, so offer a healthy boost to a vegan diet.

Flaxseeds mixed with water make a great egg alternative in vegan baking, and due to their subtle taste, they can be used in sweet or savoury baking. They can also be added to your granola, cereal, smoothies, pancake, falafel and vegan burger recipes. The extra nutrition and texture Linwoods Sprouted Flaxseed offers can improve any dish!


100% Organic sprouted flaxseed. May contain traces of sesame seeds, nuts and soya.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why eat sprouted seeds?

Sprouted seeds and nuts have begun to germinate, a process that breaks down starch and increases the concentration of nutrients. Seeds and nuts that have begun to sprout therefore contain more available nutrients that your body can absorb.

Sprouted seeds and nuts also contain more fibre, including a large amount of insoluble fibre which does not dissolve in your stomach and therefore acts as a prebiotic, feeding good bacteria in your intestines.