Everfresh - Sprouted Spelt Bread, 400g Multiple Flavours

Everfresh - Sprouted Spelt Bread, 400g Multiple Flavours

Brand - Everfresh
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Quick Description

A nutritious bread by Everfresh, made from pure organic sprouted spelt to form a deliciously moist bread in two varieties: Plain and simple and Raisin.

Key Information 

  • Organic
  • No added sugar, fat, or salt
  • Free from preservative 
  • High in fibre and protein
  • Yeast and wheat-free
  • Suitable for a low GI diet

Product Overview

Put down your plain white loaf and try this nutritious organic whole sprouted Spelt Bread by Everfresh. A bread that will make you feel energised and full for hours with its high nutrient content! 

Whole Sprouted Spelt is known for its nutritious properties and delicious nutty flavour. Everfresh has not added any sugar, salt or fat to this product! 

Sprouted Spelt Bread Plain & Simple

This bread has a wonderful nutty flavour with a slightly sweet taste that is perfect to eat stand-alone or as a sandwich. Sprouted Spelt is loaded with complex nutrients and converts them into simpler forms so they can be absorbed by the body easier! Spelt is an excellent source of protein and high in fibre

Sprouted Spelt Bread Raisin

Sprouted Spelt Bread with Raisins adds a sweet juicy element to an otherwise savoury bread. 

We love to toast a couple of slices up for breakfast, watching the oven as the warm nutty smell comes to life as the bread gets crispy and vegan salted butter melts over the top. The raisins add a fruity richness that gives that perfect sweet and salty combo! 


Sprouted Spelt Bread Plain & Simple
100% Sprouted whole SPELT grain
Allergens: Spelt (Gluten)

Sprouted Spelt Bread Raisin
Sprouted whole SPELT (90%)*, Raisins (10%)*
Allergens: Spelt (Gluten)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any preservatives in this Sprouted Spelt Bread from Everfresh?

No, Everfresh Sprouted Bread does not contain any added preservatives! 

Who is Everfresh?

Everfresh is a member of the Organic Food Federation and has been baking bread from organic sprouted ingredients for 25 years in Gloucestershire.