Clearspring - Bio Kitchen Apple Sauce, 360g

Clearspring - Bio Kitchen Apple Sauce, 360g

Brand - Clearspring
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Quick Description

Let’s get saucy! Clearspring Bio Kitchen Apple Sauce is a delicious and naturally sweet sauce that you can eat on its own or serve with a variety of foods.

Key Information

  • Made from unsweetened organic apples
  • Soil Association Certified Organic
  • Clearspring apple sauce is a product of Demeter farming
  • Kosher friendly
  • Free from salt and saturated fats

Product Overview

Every jar of Clearspring Wholefoods Bio Kitchen Apple Sauce is made from completely organic and unsweetened apples. The sweetness you’re getting comes from the apple’s natural sugars, making it tastier and healthier than artificially sweetened apple sauce.

Bio Kitchen is Clearspring’s premium range of products. This range provides biodynamic staple foods, such as this apple sauce. Biodynamic foods are a result of biodynamic production, which is possibly the strictest standard for organic agriculture in the world.

Certified biodynamic production trademarks their products as Demeter. This Demeter mark is proudly displayed on every glass jar of Clearspring Bio Kitchen Apple Sauce, proving that it is top-quality and ethically produced.

Apple sauce is a versatile food. Enjoy a spoonful or two on its own for a sweet pick-me-up. You can also enhance the flavour of your baked treats like bread, muffins, and cakes. Being naturally sweet, there might not be a need to add sugar to recipes that use apple sauce.

Apple sauce can also be added to savoury dishes. It can provide a wonderful, sugary glaze to vegetable stir-fries or grilled foods. Did you know that apple sauce makes a lovely cocktail ingredient? Or you can go the smoothie route and add some apple sauce with a blend of bananas and berries.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Clearspring Wholefoods source the apples used to make the Bio Kitchen Apple Sauce?

The apples used to make Clearspring’s Bio Kitchen Apple Sauce come from biodynamic farms in Germany!