Biona - Organic Hemp Seeds, 250g

Biona - Organic Hemp Seeds, 250g

Brand - Biona
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Quick Description

Crunchy, nutty and ever so nutritious, Biona’s Organic Hemp Seeds is an excellent source of insoluble fibre, essential fatty acids and is packed with protein!

Key Information

  • Excellent source of plant-based protein
  • Naturally low in saturated fats
  • Contains essential amino acids
  • Perfect Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid ratio
  • Add to salads, baked goods and breads

Product Overview

Looking for something with that extra bit of crunch? Whether you eat them whole or blend them into baked goods, Biona’s Organic Hemp Seeds add a delicious nutty crunchy texture that’s perfect for cooking.

Packed with nutrients and essential fatty acids, hemp seeds develop a nutty depth when roasted or baked.

Crispy, nutty and ever so crunchy, these delicious seeds are 100% organically grown, using methods that enrich the soil and promote biodiversity. It’s good to know when you’re nourishing your body that it’s also completely free from all preservatives, fertilisers and pesticides!

The Biona Organic Hemp Seeds are high in insoluble fibre, essential amino acids and protein. Bake them, roast them, use them whole or ground.

Hemp seeds are great in bread, muesli and used in dough bases. You can also sprinkle them on salads or add them to cookies for an extra crunchy, nutty bite.


100% Organic Hemp Seeds
Certified Organic Ingredients
Allergens: Not suitable for peanut, nut, milk, sesame, gluten and soya allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose whole hemp seeds over hulled hemp seeds?

Whole Hemp seeds are an excellent source of insoluble dietary fibre, one that’s often hard to come by in our modern western diets. One other source of insoluble fibre is soil, but it’s not commonly consumed.