Biona - Organic Chopped Peeled Tomatoes Multiple Sizes

Biona - Organic Chopped Peeled Tomatoes Multiple Sizes

Brand - Biona
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Quick Description

Italian cuisine is known for its simple, fresh, and vibrant ingredients that are used to create beautiful recipes. Thanks to Biona’s Organic Chopped Peeled Tomatoes, now you can achieve this too!

Key Information

  • Made Using Tomatoes from Organic Sustainable Farms
  • Chopped and Peeled Tomatoes
  • Non-BPA Packaging
  • Source of Vitamins A and C
  • No Added Salt, Sugar, or Additives

Product Overview

The Biona Organic Chopped Peeled Tomatoes are Italy in a tin. Once ripened under the Italian sun, these tomatoes are harvested, chopped, and peeled before being left to marinate in a rich tomato sauce.

Biona’s Organic Chopped Peeled Tomatoes contain exactly what they say on the tin: beautiful Organic Tomatoes. The taste is as pure as can be, with no added salt, sugar, or additives!

A top-quality tin of tomatoes is handy to have at the ready. When in doubt, get one out and use it to make easy meals that taste naturally good! These tomatoes also come chopped and peeled, meaning less work in the kitchen.

Biona uses organic tomatoes harvested on sustainable farms that avoid using harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilisers. Biona never adds anything that will ruin the natural goodness of its food.


Chopped Peeled Tomatoes*, Tomato Juice*
* Certified Organic Ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Biona Organic Chopped Peeled Tomatoes come in BPA-lined cans?

There is no BPA used in Biona’s canned tomatoes. BPA is a chemical lining or epoxy resin used to coat the interior of cans, bottles, and other packaging materials. Exposure to BPA raises some health concerns like potentially causing immunity, reproductive, and neurological problems. So, that’s a huge nono.