Clearspring - Wakame Instant Flakes, 25g

Clearspring - Wakame Instant Flakes, 25g

Brand - Clearspring
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Quick Description

Nutrient-rich seaweed flakes, effortlessly enhancing soups and salads with authentic Japanese umami flavour.

Key Information

  • Nutrient-rich seaweed flakes
  • Enhances soups and salads
  • Authentic Japanese umami flavour
  • Adds a burst of taste and texture
  • High-quality, natural ingredients
  • Ideal for a quick and nutritious meal boost

Product Overview

Clearspring's Wakame Instant Flakes are a convenient and nutritious way to introduce authentic Japanese umami flavour to your meals. Harvested from the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, wakame seaweed is known for its nutrient-rich profile, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The instant flakes are a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire, effortlessly enhancing the taste and texture of soups, salads, and other dishes. With their quick-dissolving nature, they are an easy and convenient choice for those looking to add a burst of marine goodness to their meals without any hassle.

Clearspring maintains a commitment to high-quality, natural ingredients, ensuring that the Wakame Instant Flakes are a wholesome choice for discerning food enthusiasts. Elevate your meals with the unique taste and nutritional benefits of wakame seaweed, experiencing the authentic umami flavour that Clearspring's Instant Flakes bring to your table. Enjoy the convenience of enhancing your dishes with this nutritious seaweed, perfect for both seasoned cooks and those new to the delights of Japanese cuisine.


Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida), Agar (Gelidium spp.), Aka Tsunomata (Chondrus ocellatus)