Biona - Organic Spelt Lasagne, 250g

Biona - Organic Spelt Lasagne, 250g

Brand - Biona
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Quick Description

Biona's Organic Spelt Lasagne, 250g: Pure, wholesome goodness. Nutrient-rich spelt pasta for a delicious, organic, and guilt-free dining experience.

Key Information

  • Made with organic spelt, a type of ancient grain
  • It contains essential nutrients such as fibre, protein, and various vitamins and minerals.
  • Spelt may have a slightly nutty flavour compared to traditional wheat, adding a unique taste to the lasagne.

Product Overview

Biona's Organic Spelt Lasagne, available in a convenient 250g package, offers a wholesome and nutritious alternative to traditional wheat-based lasagne noodles. Made from organically grown spelt, an ancient grain with a nutty flavour, this pasta provides a rich source of fibre, protein, and essential nutrients. The organic certification ensures that the product is free from synthetic pesticides and additives, aligning with the principles of sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture. 

Spelt is known for its digestibility and nutritional benefits, making Biona's Spelt Lasagne a popular choice for those seeking a healthier pasta option. With its quick-cooking convenience and commitment to organic farming practices, Biona's Spelt Lasagne serves as a tasty and mindful choice for individuals looking to incorporate wholesome ingredients into their meals.


Spelt Wheat Flour*, Water