Biona - Organic Dark Agave Syrup, 350g

Biona - Organic Dark Agave Syrup, 350g

Brand - Biona
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Quick Description

Drizzle Biona Organic Dark Agave Syrup over your porridge or pancakes for an indulgent breakfast. This versatile sweetener is a must for any plant-based kitchen.

Key Information

  • Rich liquid sweetener derived from the Mexican agave plant
  • Intense flavour with notes of caramel and vanilla
  • Delicious on your favourite desserts or in hot drinks
  • Naturally low Glycaemic Index
  • Great cruelty-free alternative to honey

Product Overview

Biona Organic Dark Agave Syrup has a rich, sweet flavour with a delicious depth, with hints of caramel and vanilla. Squeezed from the juicy succulent leaves of the Mexican agave plant, this vegan sweetener is a tasty cruelty-free alternative to honey.

With a naturally low GI and 50% sweeter than sugar, Biona Organic Dark Agave Syrup can be substituted for refined sugar or artificial sweeteners in hot drinks, cakes, bakes and desserts.

We recommend drizzling this luscious plant-powered syrup over your porridge or pancakes to truly appreciate that intense flavour. It’s also ideal for cocktails, alongside those other amazing agave products - tequila and mezcal!

Made from the finest organic agave plants, Biona Organic Dark Agave Syrup is ethically and sustainably produced in Mexico.

This versatile liquid sweetener comes in a convenient squeezy bottle, perfect for drizzling!


100% Organic Dark Agave Syrup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Light and Dark Agave Syrup?

The difference in colour reflects the intensity of the filtration process. Dark agave syrup undergoes a more gentle filtration than light agave syrup so that it retains more of the minerals that occur naturally in the agave plant.

Dark agave syrup has a much stronger, deeper taste. We recommend using Biona Organic Dark Agave Syrup when you’re looking for its flavour to really pop, such as on waffles and pancakes!