The world of vegan dressings and condiments is a beautiful place. That’s why we’ve got your Asian-inspired, Italian-style, and a whole range of vegan dressings and condiments from all over the world. So, get browsing vegan dressings and discover your new best friend!

5 top Vegan Condiments and Vegan Dressings

You can always rely on vegan dressings and condiments to resurrect a bad meal - or make a good meal great! Here are some of our top picks from our vegan dressings and condiments range. Why not try them all out and pick your favourite? 

  1. Vegan Mayo: in this day and age, becoming vegan doesn’t mean saying goodbye to great mayonnaise. Far from it. Take the Follow Your Heart Veganaise, for example, packed with delicious creamy flavour. Use it to make some tasty potato salad or slather some on bread when making a sandwich at home!
  2. Ketchup: this classic legend can always be relied on to transform a plate of chips. Why not try something a bit different with the Geo Watkins Mushroom Ketchup? Nostalgic and exciting, all at the same time! Baked beans and stews could use an extra squeeze of ketchup for flavour. Of course, a drizzle of ketchup on some vegan burgers and links will always do the trick.
  3. Hot Sauce: there’s nothing like a spicy sauce to really take your food to a higher level. Spice up your life with the Eaten Alive Smoked Sriracha - if you can handle it… We actually like travelling around with a bottle of hot sauce. Sometimes, restaurant hot sauce doesn’t bring the heat! - but these ones we have at PlantX are on fire!
  4. Balsamic Glaze: is there anything better to drizzle over salad than this sweet vinegary organic condiment? Try the Biona Balsamic Glaze and you will see what we mean. When can you use balsamic glaze in home cooking? Try a dash or two on some pizza or drizzle over roasted veggies. It makes a great vegan dressing! 
  5. Soy Sauce: perfect for sloshing over noodles, stir-fries and rice dishes, soy sauce is a go-to for Asian flavour. Every household should have a good bottle of soy sauce around - it’s just a versatile sauce! Why not try this Cocofina gluten-free version? Another delicious organic condiment that’s not worth missing out on. 

How To Store Your Condiments And Vegan Dressings

A lot of vegan condiments and plant-based dressings are shelf-stable. They are, however, best kept in cool and dry places. That means no window sills with direct sunlight, no damp counters, and no shelves near any heat sources for all your vegan dressings. 

It also depends on the condiment or vegan dressing, but they also don’t need refrigeration - but your vegan dressings’ shelf life might be extended if they are. Vegan mayo is one condiment that is best kept in the fridge. Soy sauce? You can, but they don’t really need chilling because it is already fermented and has a long shelf life.

One thing to remember is that the consistency of oil-based vegan dressings and condiments might change when kept in the fridge. They might solidify and therefore need to sit at room temp a bit before you are able to use them again.

If you do keep your condiments in the fridge, they may also mess up the temperature of your dishes. Imagine adding some cold soy sauce when stir-frying or dipping your cooked gyoza in a cold dipping sauce. It’s not ideal!

The Importance Of Quality For Condiments and Vegan Dressings

We think both price and quality matters! Listen, we know plant-based products are sometimes a little more expensive than non-vegan ones. Reflecting what we said earlier, quality matters. Quality ingredients come from sustainable, organic sources. No artificial this or that. You get to taste ingredients as nature intended them to taste.

At PlantX, you do get a variety of vegan dressings and condiments so you can choose products that fit your budget. Shop around and check out the products. Eventually, you’ll find that some vegan dressings and condiments are worth that extra buck!

Plus, vegan dressings and organic condiments are what you use to add flavour and give your recipes that extra edge. You have to believe you deserve to eat only good food! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a condiment and a dressing?

A condiment is defined as anything that is used to add a spark of flavour to food. This can be anything from a sprinkle of salt to a squirt of barbeque sauce. Or even a pickle! In contrast, a vegan dressing is a sauce usually added to salads. However, the lines are blurred. Mustard is technically a condiment, but can make a fantastic plant-based dressing when mixed with some olive oil, agave, salt and pepper! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it…

Are condiments and organic dressings vegan-friendly?

Most condiments and dressings are absolutely vegan-friendly and there are generally great vegan alternatives for the ones that are not! Vegan mayo is a given, but even condiments like hollandaise (which often can contain egg) have great alternatives now! Check out Inspired Vegan’s Vegan Hollandaise Style Sauce if you want to learn more.

Are vegan dressings and condiments good for me? 

Like anything else, whether a vegan dressing or condiments is good for you will depend on the product, and on you! However, here at PlantX, we source the highest quality vegan dressings, organic dressings and condiments that are made with care. For example, this Follow Your Heart Veganaise is made with avocado oil, which means it is packed with antioxidants making this vegan mayo way more nutritious than the real thing! 

Can I make my own vegan dressings and condiments?

Yes! If you want to make your own organic vegan dressings and condiments, why not give it a go? If you have the time and energy, you can recreate classic condiments like ketchup or mustard. Or, if you want to try something simpler, why not get creative with making your own vegan salad dressing?