Sanchi - Mugi Barley Miso, 345g

Sanchi - Mugi Barley Miso, 345g

Brand - Sanchi
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Quick Description

Sanchi’s Mugi Barley Miso is a prime example of good miso. This is authentic, traditionally made miso paste that has a rich and savoury taste.

Key Information

  • Traditional Mugi Barley Miso
  • Authentic, Japanese miso
  • Rich and savoury
  • Fermented in cedar wooden kegs

Product Overview

Miso is more than just food miso soup. It’s actually a great sauce or marinade base and a great seasoning for stews and casseroles. Try out Sanchi’s Mugi Barley Miso for some deliciously fermented and savoury flavours!


Soya Beans (58%), Barley (gluten) (29%), Sea Salt, Koji Seed (aspergillus oryzae)
Allergen: Soya, Barley