RIFco - Organic Moroccan Chickpea Soup, 400g

RIFco - Organic Moroccan Chickpea Soup, 400g

Brand - RIFCo
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Quick Description

Authentic Moroccan flavours of sweet cinnamon and fiery ginger combine for this RIFCo - Organic Moroccan Chickpea Soup with filling chickpeas.

Key Information

  • Moroccan chickpea soup
  • 400g BPA-free can
  • Serve on its own or with flatbread 
  • Spicy and warming
  • No added sugar
  • Organic

Product Overview

A tomato-based dish but full of the aromatic blend of North African spices. Flavours of cinnamon, lemon, coriander, chilli, ginger and cumin make this warming RIFCo - Organic Moroccan Chickpea Soup so incredibly delicious. 

Fantastic on cold or hot days alike, this soup pairs perfectly with flat bread for dipping but makes a gorgeous satisfying meal all by itself. 

Keep a few cans in your cupboard for a rainy day or those tired days when you just don’t want to cook from scratch - everything by RIFCo is delicious, organic and made with health in mind.

Cooking Instructions

Heat to at least 75C for 2 minutes in a pan or in the microwave in a microwaveable bowl. Serve with hot flatbread or on its own for a satisfying meal.


Water, Tomatoes* (14%), Chickpeas* (10%), Onion*, Lemon*, Sunflower Oil*, Sea Salt, Coriander*, Cinnamon*, Turmeric*, Chilli Powder*, Ginger*, Cumin*, Garlic Powder*, Black Pepper*.
*Organic ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Morocco’s food like?

Morocco is known for lightly spiced food, full of cinnamon, dried fruits like raisins, harira, tagines and couscous. RIFCo - Organic Moroccan Chickpea Soup is much like a Harira soup - it’s tomato-based, full of chickpeas and spices. It’s so hearty and nutritious that it’s common to break the Ramadam fast with Harira soup.