Natural Cool - Organic Raspberries, 300g


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Natural Cool - Organic Raspberries, 300g
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Natural Cool - Organic Raspberries, 300g

Brand - Natural Cool
אזל מהמלאי
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Quick Description

Enjoy the organic deliciousness of Natural Cool’s Organic Raspberries. You will surely love the high-quality, tangy flavour of deep-frozen fruity snacks.

Key Information

  • Aromatic, biodynamic raspberries
  • Freshly hand-picked
  • Deep-frozen to preserve nutrients
  • Organic
  • Keep refrigerated

Product Overview

Add some tangy goodness to your salads and vegan desserts with Natural Cool’s Organic Raspberries. Freshly hand-picked and then deep-frozen, these treats will surely supplement any dish you can think of.

After they have been harvested, these raspberries are quickly deep-frozen. This is how Natural Cool preserves all the important vitamins and flavours of the fruit. They do this throughout the entire year with little or no waste at all.

Natural Cool’s Organic Raspberries can be used in many different ways, whether you want to mix them in a dish or munch them as a snack. You may want to blend it into a smoothie for added texture and flavour or simply toss it in a fruit salad. Go the extra mile and make vegan raspberry cheesecake if you want to. The possibilities are endless!


Organic Raspberries

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Natural Cool’s Organic Raspberries and supermarket raspberries?

While most supermarket and grocery raspberries undergo different processes that may take away their natural flavour and minerals, Natural Cool’s Organic Raspberries are freshly hand-picked from the field before they are immediately deep-frozen. This is to preserve the fruit’s vital nutrients, vitamins, and flavours.