Nakd - Salted Caramel Multipack, 35g

Nakd - Salted Caramel Multipack, 35g
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Nakd - Salted Caramel Multipack, 35g

Brand - Nakd
אזל מהמלאי
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Quick Description

Nakd Salted Caramel Multi, 35g: A tasty vegan snack with natural ingredients, combining sweet and salty goodness. No guilt, just pure delight!

Key Information

  • Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free
  • No Added Sugar, Natural Sweetness Only
  • Made with natural ingredients like dates, nuts, and a hint of salted caramel flavouring
  • Comes in a compact, easy-to-carry wrapper, suitable for on-the-go snacking.
  • High in natural sugars, fibre, and healthy fats from nuts, providing a quick energy boost

Product Overview

Nakd's Salted Caramel Multi is a delightful vegan snack that combines natural ingredients for a guilt-free treat. Packed into a convenient 35g size, this snack is not only delicious but also offers a burst of energy. The bar is gluten-free, dairy-free, and free from added sugars, making it a wholesome choice for those with dietary restrictions. Its main ingredients include dates, cashews, and raisins, providing a rich and chewy texture.

The infusion of salted caramel flavour adds a sweet and savoury balance that satisfies cravings without compromising on health. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or a quick pick-me-up between meals, Nakd's Salted Caramel Multi showcases the brand's commitment to creating tasty, natural, and vegan-friendly products that align with a plant-based lifestyle. With each bite, you'll experience a harmonious blend of flavours that make it a standout choice in the realm of vegan snacks.


Dates† 54%, Raisins 21%, Cashews 12%, Peanuts 12%, Sea Salt 0.4%, A hint of Natural Flavourings

†Dates not from Britain