Mr Organic - Dairy-Free Organic Parmigiana Sauce, 350g

Mr Organic - Dairy-Free Organic Parmigiana Sauce, 350g

Brand - Mr Organic
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Quick Description

A guilt-free pasta sauce that delivers amazing flavour, Mr Organic’s Dairy-Free Organic Parmigiana Sauce is a must-have for any vegan kitchen!

Key Information

  • Vegan-friendly parmigiana sauce
  • Produce of Italy
  • Made with natural, organic ingredients
  • Free from dairy and added sugar
  • BPA-free packaging
  • Once opened, keep refrigerated

Product Overview

Sometimes, after a long day, you don’t feel like going all out for dinner. This is why Mr Organic’s vegan-friendly Dairy-Free Organic Parmigiana Sauce is the perfect solution. A gorgeous combination of sun-ripened tomatoes, aubergines, and delicious Italian herbs, this organic sauce is something you can enjoy in minutes and is still packed with flavour. 

Made with all-natural ingredients, this pasta sauce tastes so authentic and delicious that you’d think you were enjoying a home-cooked parmigiana dish. Completely free from added sugars, the BPA-free packaging also makes it an environmentally conscious product. 

It really doesn’t matter what pasta you enjoy Mr Organic’s Dairy-Free Organic Parmigiana Sauce with. No matter what you choose to serve with it, the natural goodness and limitless flavour will have you coming back for more every single time. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within three days


Italian Sun-Ripened Tomates (72%)*, Aubergine (12%)*, Onion*, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Soy*, Sunflower Oil*, Corn Starch* Sea Salt, Lemon Juice*, Guar Gum* Basil*, Oregano*

*Organic Ingredients.

Allergens: Soy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mr Organic products contain citric acid?

Mr Organic doesn’t add any citric acid to its tomato-based products, as tomatoes already contain citric acid. There’s no need to put extra ingredients into a product, especially when it’ll impact the flavours. Having just a few, well-chosen ingredients is much better than including unneeded additives, synthetic or natural.

This Dairy-Free Organic Parmigiana Sauce contains simple ingredients of the highest quality to give you the best flavour.