Montezuma's - Organic Dark Chocolate Giant Buttons 74%, 180g

Montezuma's - Organic Dark Chocolate Giant Buttons 74%, 180g

Brand - Montezuma's
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Quick Description

Montezuma's rich 74% cocoa Dark Chocolate Buttons are free from dairy and gluten and are made with organic ingredients to protect you and the planet.

Key Information

  • Widely recyclable packaging
  • 74% cocoa
  • Organic
  • Free from colouring, GMO, and preservatives
  • Gluten-free

Product Overview

These deliciously rich giant vegan Chocolate Buttons crafted by Montezuma are proof that pure decadence and responsible consumption can go hand in hand.

Montezuma has made these Giant Buttons using 74% cocoa for a deep and rich taste. This cocoa is 100% organic and combined with only plant-based ingredients to minimise harm to animals and the planet.

No GMO products, preservatives of colours get anywhere near these Giant Dark Chocolate Buttons!

These Organic Dark Chocolate Giant Buttons are ideal for a small chocolaty treat, for decorating cakes or for putting inside cookies. They melt easily, making them perfect for hot waffles or pancakes or making baked bananas with chocolate, wrapped in tinfoil and popped on the BBQ or campfire!


Dark Chocolate contains cocoa solids 74%, Organic cocoa mass, Organic cane sugar & Organic cocoa butter.
Allergens: May contain traces of milk, nuts, and peanuts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Montezuma’s chocolate vegan?

Much of Montezuma’s dark chocolate is made without milk so is vegan. Some of Montezuma’s chocolate is not, but these Organic Dark Chocolate Giant Buttons made with 74% cocoa are 100% vegan and incredibly moreish!