Mekhala - Organic Tom Yum Paste, 100g

Mekhala - Organic Tom Yum Paste, 100g
Mekhala - Organic Tom Yum Paste, 100g - back
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Mekhala - Organic Tom Yum Paste, 100g

Brand - Mekhala
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Quick Description

Turn up the heat with Mekhala’s Organic Tom Yum Paste for a tastebud-tantalising flavour that doesn’t let up! Makes incredible soups and marinades.

Key Information

  • 100g jar tom yum paste
  • Makes Thai soups
  • Medium spice
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Uses coconut sugar
  • Gluten-Free
  • Organic

Product Overview

If you love Thai and you haven’t tried tom yum then this is the sign you’ve been looking for! Mekhala’s Organic Tom Yum Paste makes a seriously flavourful Thai soup with flavour that packs a punch.

Tangy, spicy, aromatic: Mekhala’s Organic Tom Yum Paste brings the traditional taste of true Thai cuisine to your kitchen. With the sourness from lime and kaffir lime leaves, earthy, aromatic galangal, hot chilli and just a touch of sweetness from coconut sugar, this paste is where it’s at.

And it’s so easy too! Just stir a jar of Mekhala’s Organic Tom Yum Paste into vegetable stock and boil some mushrooms and tomatoes in the mix. Boom! 

Mekhala strives to give women in Thailand fairer work opportunities and provide delicious Asian food using only real, responsibly sourced ingredients. Let’s just say we vibe with Mekhala’s ethics.

Cooking Instructions

For 2 portions of tom yum mushroom soup:

Heat 300ml of vegetable stock in a pan on the hob and add a 100g jar of Mekhala’s Organic Tom Yum Paste. Stir through.

Bring to a rolling boil and add button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms. Add any other veg you want in the soup too, some popular choices are cherry tomatoes, Thai basil and chopped shallots.

When mushrooms are fully cooked the soup is ready.

Serve between 2 bowls, top with fresh coriander and enjoy!


*Lime Juice, *Galangal, *Gluten-Free Soy Sauce (*Brown Rice, *Soybeans, Salt, Water), *Shallots, *Lemongrass, Himalayan Pink Salt, *Red Chilli, *Coconut Sugar, *Kaffir Lime Leaves, *Dried Red Chilli

*Organic ingredients

Allergens: Soy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tom yum spicy?

Tom yum is traditionally a clear, spicy, broth-style soup and has many amazing, aromatic flavours including galangal, lime, chilli and coriander. Mekhala’s Organic Tom Yum Paste contains organic chilli in the ingredients but it is only medium spice. 

If you want a spicier tom yum dish, you can add more paste to the recipe or you can add fresh red chilli as an ingredient or garnish!