Marigold - Organic Vegan Bouillon, 150g

Marigold - Organic Vegan Bouillon, 150g

Brand - Marigold Health Foods
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Quick Description

Marigold - Organic Vegan Bouillon, 150g: A tasty, plant-based seasoning for all your dishes.

Key Information

  • Organic and Vegan: Marigold Organic Vegan Bouillon is crafted with natural, organic ingredients and is entirely vegan, making it suitable for those following plant-based diets.
  • Free From Artificial Additives: It is free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavour enhancers, providing a wholesome and natural taste.
  • Convenience: The bouillon comes in a convenient granulated form, making it easy to dissolve in hot water or directly into your recipes, saving you time in the kitchen.
  • Healthy Choice: This bouillon is a healthier alternative to traditional bouillons, as it is lower in sodium and made from quality organic ingredients.
  • Versatile: Marigold Organic Vegan Bouillon is a versatile product that can be used as a seasoning base for various cuisines and dishes, allowing you to experiment with different flavours.
  • Pack Size: It is available in a 150g package, providing a sufficient quantity for numerous culinary endeavours.

Product Overview

Marigold Organic Vegan Bouillon is a popular plant-based seasoning option, offering a convenient way to enhance the flavour of your dishes while maintaining a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Available in a 150g container, this bouillon is a versatile kitchen staple.

Made with organic ingredients, Marigold's bouillon is free from animal products, artificial additives, and preservatives. It is also gluten-free, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities. This is a firm vegan favourite at PlantX being so versatile!

This bouillon is a delicious and savoury addition to soups, stews, gravies, and a wide range of recipes. It features a balanced blend of natural herbs, vegetables, and seasonings, providing a rich and hearty flavour that complements various culinary creations.

With its commitment to organic and vegan principles, Marigold's Organic Vegan Bouillon is a wholesome and ethical choice for those looking to enhance the taste of their meals. Its convenient packaging makes it easy to use and store, ensuring you have a flavorful, plant-based option at your fingertips in the kitchen.


Sea Salt, Maltodextrin (from maize)*, Rice Flour*, Vegetables 7.2% (onion, carrot, parsnip)*, Yeast Extract, Sunflower Oil*, Parsley*, Turmeric*. *Organically grown ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Marigold - Organic Vegan Bouillon, 150g?

Vegan and Organic: Marigold's bouillon is entirely plant-based and made from high-quality organic ingredients. It's free from animal products, making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The organic certification ensures that it contains no synthetic pesticides or chemicals, promoting a healthier and more sustainable choice for those seeking an eco-conscious option.
Versatile Flavour Enhancement: This bouillon enhances the flavour of various dishes, including soups, stews, gravies, and more. Its rich and savoury taste adds depth to your culinary creations. Additionally, it comes in a convenient granulated form, making it easy to use and store. This versatility and convenience make it a go-to option for individuals looking to elevate the taste of their meals without compromising on their dietary preferences.

Marigold's Organic Vegan Bouillon not only caters to the needs of plant-based eaters but also provides a flavour-packed option for anyone looking to enhance the taste of their food naturally and healthily.