Hodmedod's - Organic Split Green Peas, 500g

Hodmedod's - Organic Split Green Peas, 500g

Brand - Hodmedod's
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Quick Description

Sustainably sourced peas with a vibrant green colour, perfect for soups, stews, and curries.

Key Information

  • Sustainably sourced peas
  • Vibrant green colour
  • Ideal for soups, stews, and curries
  • High in protein and fibre
  • Organic certification ensures quality and ethical sourcing

Product Overview

Hodmedod's Organic Split Green Peas are a premium offering of sustainably sourced peas, renowned for their vibrant green colour and versatility in various culinary applications. These split peas are ideal for creating hearty and nutritious soups, stews, and curries, adding depth of flavour and wholesome goodness to your meals.

Packed with protein and fibre, these organic split green peas not only provide essential nutrients but also contribute to a balanced and healthy diet. The organic certification ensures that the peas are grown and harvested using environmentally friendly practices, maintaining the integrity of the land and supporting ethical sourcing.

Hodmedod's Organic Split Green Peas offer ample servings for multiple meals, making them a staple pantry item for households looking to incorporate more plant-based protein into their diets. Whether you're cooking up a comforting soup on a chilly evening or adding substance to a hearty stew, these peas are sure to elevate your culinary creations while promoting sustainable and ethical food choices.


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