Grumpy Mule - Grumpy Yule Organic Fairtrade Ground Coffee, 227g

Grumpy Mule - Grumpy Yule Organic Fairtrade Ground Coffee, 227g
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Grumpy Mule - Grumpy Yule Organic Fairtrade Ground Coffee, 227g

Brand - Grumpy Mule
אזל מהמלאי
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Quick Description

Grumpy Mule's Grumpy Yule Organic Fairtrade Coffee is a festive 227g blend for a merry and ethical caffeine kick.

Key Information

  • Organic: This coffee is certified organic, meaning it's grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilisers
  • Fairtrade: Grumpy Yule coffee is Fairtrade certified, which ensures that the coffee is sourced from producers who receive fair wages and work in ethical conditions.
  • Flavour Profile: Grumpy Yule coffee typically features a unique flavour profile, which may include notes of different spices and other seasonal flavours, making it ideal for the holiday season.
  • Sustainability: Grumpy Mule is often associated with sustainable and environmentally conscious coffee sourcing practices.

Product Overview

Grumpy Mule's "Grumpy Yule Organic Fairtrade Ground Coffee" is a delightful and festive coffee blend that captures the essence of the holiday season. This 227g bag of ground coffee is a perfect companion for those chilly winter mornings or cosy evenings by the fireplace and strong favourite with us here at PlantX.

Crafted with care, Grumpy Mule sources their beans from organic and Fairtrade-certified farms, ensuring ethical and sustainable production. The blend combines the rich, earthy flavours of Arabica beans with the full-bodied notes of Robusta beans, resulting in a well-balanced and robust coffee profile and with notes of soft spice, redcurrants and dried fruit, it’s the perfect seasonal coffee.

What sets "Grumpy Yule" apart is its seasonal twist. Infused with hints of seasonal spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, it offers a warm and comforting aroma that evokes the spirit of the holidays. Each sip envelops your taste buds with a harmonious mix of spices and coffee goodness, leaving a lasting and heartwarming impression.

Whether you're sharing a cup with loved ones or savouring a moment of solitude, Grumpy Mule's Grumpy Yule coffee adds a touch of festive cheer to your coffee ritual. With its commitment to quality, sustainability, and flavour, this coffee embodies the magic of the holiday season in every aromatic cup.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store this coffee to keep it fresh?

To keep your Grumpy Mule Grumpy Yule Organic Fairtrade Ground Coffee fresh, you'll want to protect it from the four main enemies of coffee freshness: air, moisture, heat, and light. Here are some steps to ensure your coffee stays as fresh as possible:

Use an Airtight Container: Transfer the coffee into an airtight container immediately after opening the original packaging. A mason jar, vacuum-sealed container, or a specially designed coffee storage container with a one-way valve to release CO2 (carbon dioxide) while preventing air from getting in, works well. Make sure it's clean and dry before adding the coffee.

Keep It Cool: Store the coffee in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, heat sources (like the stove), or appliances that generate heat (such as the microwave or toaster). Room temperature or slightly cooler is ideal.

Avoid Moisture: Coffee is highly sensitive to moisture. Ensure your storage container is completely dry, and keep it away from areas with high humidity, like near the sink or dishwasher.

Minimise Air Exposure: Every time you open the container, air comes in contact with the coffee, which can lead to flavour deterioration. Try to use a container with a one-way valve that allows CO2 to escape without letting air in when you seal it.

Divide into Smaller Batches: If you have a large bag of coffee, consider dividing it into smaller portions that you'll consume within a week or two. This reduces the frequency of opening and closing the main container.

Freeze If Necessary: If you won't be able to use the coffee within a couple of weeks, consider freezing it in a vacuum-sealed bag or airtight container. Freezing can help preserve freshness, but it's essential to prevent moisture and odours from the freezer from affecting the coffee. When you need to use it, take out only the portion you'll use and avoid refreezing.

Grind Just Before Brewing: If possible, grind the coffee beans just before brewing. Pre-ground coffee tends to lose its freshness faster.

Keep the Bag Sealed: If you can't transfer the coffee to an airtight container, make sure to seal the bag tightly after each use, pressing out as much air as possible.

By following these steps, you can help prolong the freshness and flavour of your Grumpy Mule coffee. Keep in mind that coffee is best enjoyed within a few weeks of roasting, so try to consume it within that timeframe for the most vibrant flavour.