Granovita - Mock Duck, 285g

Granovita - Mock Duck, 285g
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Granovita - Mock Duck, 285g

Brand - Granovita
אזל מהמלאי
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Quick Description

Get ready to braise the roof! Granovita brings us Mock Duck, a delicious and flavourful meat-free substitute made with gravy-braised seitan.

Key Information

  • Replaces meat in savoury dishes
  • Pre-cooked and can be enjoyed straight out the can
  • Distinct duck-like chunks and texture
  • Delicious source of protein
  • Contains no animal products

Product Overview

Switching to a healthier diet always meant giving up on a few things, but it should never mean skipping out on flavour. That’s why Granovita’s Mock Duck is here.

Mock Duck is a tasty meat alternative made from wheat gluten called seitan. These seitan pieces come braised in a delicious and savoury gravy.

Granovita’s got the flavour down, but what else is there? The texture! You don’t want something that’s super soft and breaks down easily. You want something firmer that will hold up when cooking. You also want something with a good bite to it, too! A can of Mock Duck contains pieces with the texture and appearance of duck - it’s just like the real deal.

The real deal makes a good meal. There’s a bunch of dishes you can make with Mock Duck. It’s good for curries, stir-fries, and even teriyaki style recipes. You can also take the Mock Duck pieces and pull them apart so that they can go nicely in pies and casseroles. Grilled Mock Duck tacos also sound nice for that fresh and summery taste.

Mock Duck is a great meat replacement for your favourite dishes. But what if you want to taste it first before incorporating it into these recipes? You totally can! Eat a piece or two straight out the can because Mock Duck already comes pre-cooked!


Wheat gluten (56%), Water, Soya Bean Extract, Safflower Oil, Raw Cane Sugar, Sea Salt.
For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s seitan?

Seitan is a plant-based protein made from wheat gluten. It is a very popular base for meat-free alternatives that you would normally find in the market.

Seitan is nutritious—it’s very high in protein with 75g of protein per 100g seitan and contains minerals including selenium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and copper.