Divine - Cocoa Powder, 125g

Divine - Cocoa Powder, 125g

Brand - Divine
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Quick Description

Divine Cocoa Powder: Rich, premium quality, 125g. Elevate your baking with intense chocolate flavour. Divine indulgence in every gram.

Key Information

  • High-Quality Cocoa Beans
  • Natural and Unsweetened
  • Versatile Ingredient
  • Convenient 125g size

Product Overview

Divine Cocoa Powder is a premium product renowned for its rich and intense flavour, perfect for elevating your baking and cooking experiences. Packaged in a convenient 125g container, this cocoa powder is sourced from high-quality cocoa beans, ensuring a luxurious and authentic taste. Known for its ethically sourced ingredients, Divine prioritizes fair trade practices, supporting farmers and their communities.

The 125g size makes it ideal for home bakers, allowing for precise measurements and easy storage. Whether you're creating decadent desserts or enhancing savoury dishes, Divine Cocoa Powder promises a velvety texture and a deep, satisfying chocolate taste. Indulge in the divine experience of high-quality cocoa with this carefully crafted product.


Fairtrade cocoa powder