Clipper - Papua New Guinea Ground Coffee, Organic & Fairtrade, 227g

Clipper - Papua New Guinea Ground Coffee, Organic & Fairtrade, 227g

Brand - Clipper
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Quick Description

Clipper’s Papua New Guinea Ground Coffee has a delicate and refined flavour that is so wonderfully balanced you’ll enjoy having it black or otherwise.

Key Information

  • Pure Arabica coffee from Papua New Guinea
  • Organic
  • Fair-traded
  • Smooth and rich 

Product Overview

This rich and buttery coffee is perfect for a morning pick-me-up.

The beans in this coffee are 100% Arabica coffee beans from plants organically grown in Papua New Guinea. Coffee originating from the highlands of Papua New Guinea is known for its delicate and refined flavour, with a little bit of acidity.

This is due to wet washing, a method of coffee processing that involves submerging the beans in water. Submersion allows some of the compounds to leech into the water, resulting in lighter-bodied coffee beans.

Clipper’s Papua New Guinea Ground Coffee is a medium-strength coffee ideal for those who love their coffee bold but not too strong or bitter. It is pure, with no flavour-enhancers, for a truly fine coffee experience however you want to have it - black, sweetened or with cream. 


Organically-grown Arabica coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Papua New Guinea Arabica coffee different from other Arabica coffee? 

Papua New Guinea coffee is organically-produced and closely regulated. In fact, the country has their own coffee regulatory authority to ensure the production of good-quality coffee.

This regulation includes issuing incentives for planting the crops in their natural habitat, not using pesticides, and not forcing production or artificially increasing yield by adding fertilizers or growth enhancers. 

These standards for coffee were established not only to please coffee buyers but also to protect the country’s coffee reputation. These regulations, as well as the fitting climate and the fertile soil, result in remarkably high-quality coffee.