Carley's - Hemp & Linseed Butter, 170g

Carley's - Hemp & Linseed Butter, 170g

Brand - Carley's
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Quick Description

Nutrient-rich blend, a delicious spread or topping. Packed with goodness, perfect for a wholesome taste experience.

Key Information

  • Nutrient-rich blend
  • Contains hemp and linseed
  • Ideal as a spread or topping
  • Packed with goodness
  • Provides a wholesome taste experience
  • A delicious and nutritious addition to your meals

Product Overview

Carley's Hemp & Linseed Butter, available in a jar, is a nutritional powerhouse that combines the goodness of hemp and linseed. This unique spread offers a delectable way to incorporate essential nutrients into your diet. With a rich and creamy texture, it serves as a versatile topping or spread, elevating the taste of your meals.

Hemp and linseed are renowned for their health benefits, providing an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and other essential nutrients. Carley's ensures a premium blend that not only delights your taste buds but also contributes to your overall well-being.

Ideal for those seeking a plant-based protein source, this butter is free from additives and preservatives, delivering a pure and wholesome experience. Whether smeared on toast, stirred into porridge, or used as a dip, Carley's Hemp & Linseed Butter adds a deliciously nutty and nutritious touch to your culinary adventures. Embrace this nutrient-rich spread as a flavourful enhancement to your meals, showcasing Carley's commitment to quality and the goodness of natural ingredients.


Hulled Hemp Seed 42%, Golden Linseeds (42%), Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Cold-pressed Linseed Oil