Carley's - English Mustard, 170g

Carley's - English Mustard, 170g

Brand - Carley's
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Quick Description

A zesty classic with a kick, crafted for mustard enthusiasts. Elevates sandwiches, meats, and dishes with bold flavour.

Key Information

  • Zesty classic with a kick
  • Crafted for mustard enthusiasts
  • Elevates sandwiches, meats, and dishes
  • Bold and flavourful condiment
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Versatile addition to your pantry

Product Overview

Carley's English Mustard, available in a jar, is a zesty and bold classic crafted for mustard enthusiasts. Made with high-quality ingredients, this mustard offers a robust and flavourful kick that elevates a variety of dishes.

Known for its distinctive tangy taste and pungent aroma, Carley's English Mustard is a versatile condiment that adds character to sandwiches, meats, and various culinary creations.

The craftsmanship behind Carley's ensures that this mustard stands out, delivering a premium quality condiment for those who appreciate bold flavours. Whether used as a spread, dip, or ingredient in dressings and marinades, this English Mustard brings a delightful intensity to your palate.

With its traditional appeal and contemporary quality, Carley's English Mustard is a pantry essential for anyone seeking to enhance their dishes with a touch of bold and zesty flavour. Add a dollop to your favourite recipes and savour the robust taste that this classic mustard brings to the table.


mustard*, cider vinegar*, water, agave syrup*, turmeric*, cayenne*