Cafédirect - Organic Machu Picchu Coffee Beans (Fair Trade), 227g

Cafédirect - Organic Machu Picchu Coffee Beans (FT), 227g - front
Cafédirect - Organic Machu Picchu Coffee Beans (FT), 227g - back
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Cafédirect - Organic Machu Picchu Coffee Beans (Fair Trade), 227g

Brand - Cafédirect
אזל מהמלאי
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Quick Description

Grab a cup o’ jo with the delicious Organic Machu Picchu Coffee Beans from Cafédirect. Those rich, dark chocolaty tones will quench all your cravings.

Key information

  • Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with only the richest, smoothest tasting coffee 
  • Laced with overtones of fine, dark chocolate, this coffee doesn’t fail to impress
  • Pure Arabica beans harvested from the high mountains in the Andes 
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Fairtrade, organic whole coffee beans

Product overview

Struggle to get out of bed in the morning? You won’t with this coffee. Just one whiff and you’ll know the day is going to be OK. Each cup of coffee fills you with deep, rich chocolaty tones that satiate every craving. 

Not only delicious but planet conscious too! Not meaning to brag, but Cafédirect is the first-ever UK B corp certified coffee company. They’re also certified with the organic soil association and are 100% fairtrade.

All their beans are completely organic. Arabica beans are harvested from only the best crops. All grown in the highest altitudes on the mysterious Andean mountain sides of Peru.

Enjoy hot or cold, day or evening, on a chilly morning or on a hot summer's day. You won’t need to mask its taste with a load of sweeteners or sugars. This coffee tastes just as good black as it does with milk.


100% organic Arabica beans

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Cafédirect different from all other coffee businesses?

Not only are Cafédirect’s products A*, but they also reinvest a total of 50% of their profits to charity. More than any other coffee company out there! These profits go back directly to the grower communities they buy from, resulting in better employer care practices.

Not only that, but they get the best crops all year round because they look after their community. More equality, better quality. How about that for fairtrade!