Bonsan - Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble, 200g

Bonsan - Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble, 200g.
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Bonsan - Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble, 200g

Brand - Bonsan
אזל מהמלאי
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Quick Description

Made with subtly spiced tofu, Bonsan Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble is a tasty, cruelty-free alternative to scrambled eggs, perfect for morning munching.

Key Information

  • Scrambled tofu with subtle savoury spices
  • Cruelty-free scrambled egg substitute
  • Serve with toasted sourdough, in breakfast tacos or shakshuka
  • Organic, non-GMO & gluten-free
  • Great source of plant protein

Product Overview

Missing the buttery comfort of scrambled eggs on toast? Bonsan has your back! With a soft, creamy texture and mild flavour, Bonsan Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble is the perfect scrambled egg substitute, ideal for all your favourite breakfast recipes.

This tasty vegan scramble is made with the finest organic tofu, brought to life with a subtle blend of savoury spices. Each serving is packed with delicious plant protein that will power you up for the day ahead.

Versatile and oh so satisfying, Bonsan Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble is delicious in a hearty vegan fry-up, or served with sourdough toast, sliced avocado and just a dash of hot sauce.

Or why not try making your own plant-based breakfast tacos with some scramble, black beans and pico de gallo?
Bonsan’s Organic Breakfast Scramble can also be used to make a flavourful and filling plant-powered shakshuka, or even transformed into vegan egg mayo for a satisfying sandwich.

This low-fat and low-carb Vegan Scramble is 100% free from gluten, GMOs, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Tofu 98% (water, soya beans, coagulant: calcium sulphate), rock salt, spices, raw cane sugar, thickening agent: agar-agar.
Certified organic ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make Bonsan Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble taste like real scrambled eggs?

With a remarkably squishy, egg-like texture and subtly spiced flavour, Bonsan Organic Vegan Breakfast Scramble is already an impressively lifelike scrambled egg substitute.

However, if you’re a diehard scrambled egg fan, we have a few suggestions to make it extra indulgent:

  • Cook your vegan scramble in plenty of vegan butter. We’d recommend using your favourite vegan block for that true melty, buttery goodness.
  • Add a splash of vegan cream for extra unctuosity!
  • Cook it low and slow, just like with regular scrambled eggs, so the tofu takes on that classic creamy texture.
  • Add a handful of grated vegan cheese towards the end of cooking - dairy-free mozzarella or cheddar will both work well.
  • Top with chopped spring onions or finely sliced chives for that instagrammable brunch pop of green!

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