Blue Label - Sesame Snaps, 24x30g Multiple Flavours

Blue Label - Sesame Snaps, 24x30g Multiple Flavours

Brand - Blue Label
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Quick Description

Blue Label Sesame Snaps: Crunchy, sweet, and nutritious sesame treats. Irresistible snacking with a touch of wholesome goodness.

Key Information

  • Crunchy and brittle due to the caramelization of sugar
  • Comes in individually wrapped portions or in a larger pack with multiple pieces
  • Sweet and nutty, with a prominent sesame flavour
  • High in healthy fats, protein, and energy due to the sesame seeds

Product Overview

Blue Label Sesame Snaps are a delightful and nutritious snack crafted from high-quality sesame seeds, sugar, and glucose syrup. These crispy and sweet treats are meticulously made to perfection, offering a satisfying crunch with every bite. Packed with the natural goodness of sesame seeds, they provide a rich source of essential nutrients, including calcium, iron, and fibre.

The blue label signifies a commitment to premium quality, ensuring a delicious and wholesome snacking experience. Perfect for on-the-go or as a tasty addition to your daily routine, Blue Label Sesame Snaps are a flavorful blend of simplicity and nutrition

Chocolate Coated
Blue Label Sesame Snaps Chocolate Coated Flavour offers a delightful twist on the classic sesame snack. These crunchy, bite-sized treats feature a rich chocolate coating, combining the nutty goodness of sesame seeds with a sweet chocolatey indulgence. Perfect for a satisfying and unique snack experience.

Blue Label Sesame Snaps Original Flavor are crunchy, sweet treats made with sesame seeds and caramelized sugar. Individually wrapped for convenience, these gluten-free snacks offer a delightful combination of nutty sesame flavour and a satisfying crisp texture. Perfect for on-the-go snacking, they are a popular choice for those seeking a tasty and wholesome option.


Chocolate Coated

Sesame seeds 36.8% chocolate coating 25% (sugar cocoa mass cocoa butter emulsifiers soya lecithin and E475 flavour-vanillin) glucose syrup sugar.


Sesame seeds sugar glucose syrup.