Blue Dragon - Spring Roll Wrappers, 134g

Blue Dragon - Spring Roll Wrappers, 134g

Brand - Blue Dragon
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Quick Description

These rice paper based Spring Roll Wrappers are perfect to eat both hot and cold. Fill with delicious vegetables to create mouthwatering appetisers.

Key Information

  • Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free
  • No added Flavours, Colours or Preservatives
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Comes in packs of 12

Product Overview

These wonderful Spring Roll Wrappers by Blue Dragon are a welcome addition to any meal. They are easy to prepare and easy to devour!

Simply fill each spring roll wrapper with a filling of your choice. Then either steam them or deep fry them for some extra crispness. The best thing about these pancakes is that they can be eaten fresh too!

Not sure which tasty fillings to put in? How about some crispy fried vegetables with a few bean sprouts added? Or what about a gorgeous noodle medley with some shredded lettuce?

Blue Dragon brings a lovely range of products to you. Full of authentic flavours and recipes, they are simple to prepare and tasty to tuck in to! Blue Dragon’s Asian foods are brought to your kitchen so you too can enjoy these delicious original recipes!


Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour Starch, Water, Salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fold The Spring Roll Wrapper?

Follow the below instructions to create your own delicious spring rolls.
Firstly soak each pancake in hot water for 10-15 seconds so they are soft and pliable.

Then remove from the water and place on a damp tea towel to blot some of the water.

Carefully spoon the filling onto the middle of the wrapper ensuring there is enough room on either side of the pancake to fold.

Gently fold the sides and the bottom.

Finally roll the pancake upwards to create the perfect spring roll shape.

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