Biona - Organic Capers, 120g

Biona - Organic Capers, 120g

Brand - Biona
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Quick Description

Biona’s Organic Capers are ethically sourced and come in good ol’ EVOO. They have a tart and balanced sour taste and are a great addition to tons of recipes.

Key Information

  • Irresistible-Tasting Capers
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Ethically sourced
  • Preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Adds Extra Flavour to Dishes

Product Overview

Looking to add some unique flavours to your recipes? Then why not try capers? Biona’s Organic Capers are great for chopping or using as-is in many dishes. You can easily experiment by adding as many or as little as you’d like.

Biona’s Organic Capers work great as a finishing touch for fresh dishes such as salads. They also pair particularly well with ingredients such as lemons, garlic, parsley, and olives.

Capers also bring an appetising taste to savoury dishes like pasta and pizza. The subtle tang and sourness of capers can even bring more depth to roasted foods.

The Organic Capers by Biona are ethically sourced and organic. They come preserved in seasoned extra virgin olive oil.


Capers(67%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil(30%), Wine Vinegar, Sea Salt
 = Certified Organic Ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Biona Organic Capers Salty?

Most capers have a sharp taste and a very subtle “briny” flavour that comes from the brine that they are preserved in. Biona Organic Capers, on the other hand, are preserved in olive oil that has been seasoned with sea salt, taking away from the sharp, acidic taste you will often find with other brands.