Biona - Organic Brown Lentil Curry, 400g

Biona - Organic Brown Lentil Curry, 400g

Brand - Biona
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Quick Description

Biona's Organic Brown Lentil Curry (400g) offers a delicious and convenient plant-based meal, combining organic brown lentils with aromatic curry flavours.

Key Information

  • Ready To Eat
  • Organic
  • High in Nutritional Value
  • Rich in Fibre
  • Ethical
  • Convenient

Product Overview

Biona's Organic Brown Lentil Curry is a flavorful and convenient option for those seeking a wholesome and quick meal. Packed in a 400g can, this curry is made from high-quality organic brown lentils, renowned for their nutritional value and rich, earthy taste. The organic certification ensures that the lentils are cultivated without synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, aligning with a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.
The curry is expertly seasoned with a blend of organic spices, enhancing the overall taste and providing a satisfying and aromatic experience. With Biona's emphasis on organic and natural ingredients, this ready-to-eat lentil curry offers a convenient solution for individuals looking to maintain a healthy and balanced diet without compromising on taste.
Ideal for busy lifestyles, Biona's Organic Brown Lentil Curry can be enjoyed on its own or paired with rice, quinoa, or flatbreads for a wholesome and delicious meal. This product reflects Biona's dedication to offering organic, flavorful, and ethically sourced food options to cater to the growing demand for conscious and health-conscious consumers.


Lentils* (60%), water, tomato paste*, extra virgin olive oil*, onion*, sea salt, corn starch*, spices*, herbs*, chilli pepper* (0.03%) * certified organic ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Eat With Biona - Organic Brown Lentil Curry, 400g?

Biona's Organic Brown Lentil Curry, with its rich and hearty flavour, pairs well with a variety of accompaniments to create a satisfying and balanced meal. Here are some suggestions:
Basmati Rice: Serve the lentil curry over fluffy basmati rice to create a classic and filling combination. The nutty aroma of basmati rice complements the savoury lentils.
Naan Bread: Enjoy the lentil curry with soft and pillowy naan bread. The bread can be used to scoop up the lentils, adding a delightful texture to each bite.
Quinoa: For a nutritious twist, pair the lentil curry with Quinoa. This grain is rich in protein and adds a light and fluffy texture to the dish.
Steamed Vegetables: Include a side of steamed vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, or carrots. The crisp, fresh veggies add a contrasting texture and bring additional nutrients to the meal.
Yogurt Raita: Prepare a cooling yoghurt raita with cucumber, mint, and a pinch of cumin. The refreshing raita complements the spiciness of the lentil curry.
Chutney or Pickle: Add a burst of flavour with a side of mango chutney or lime pickle. The tangy and sweet notes will enhance the overall taste experience.