Benevo® - Original Vegan Dry Puppy Food Multiple Sizes

Benevo® - Original Vegan Puppy Food
Benevo-Original Vegan Dry Puppy Food-10g
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Benevo® - Original Vegan Dry Puppy Food Multiple Sizes

Brand - Benevo
אזל מהמלאי
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Quick Description

Everyone loves puppies, but you gotta watch their vegan diet. That’s why you need one packed with nutrients, like Benevo’s Vegan Dry Puppy Food!

Key Information

  • Wheat-free Puppy Food
  • Fortified with extra calcium
  • For balanced nutrition
  • For healthy digestion
  • Get it in a 2kg or 10kg bag
  • UK Vegan & Vegetarian Society Approved

Product Overview

When puppers need their supper, you can always give them Benevo’s Vegan Puppy Food. It’s food that you can give them every day that’s full of all the nutrition young pups need. This kibble also comes fortified with extra calcium so that they can play rough if they want to!

Puppies need help and proper care so that they can grow up to be happy and healthy dogs. Benevo’s Puppy Food is formulated to aid in healthy digestion and provide balanced nutrition.

This Vegan Dry Puppy Food is made with a wheat-free recipe and comes in two sizes. If you’re just testing the waters, try the 2kg bag. Need to stock up? We got you! There’s always the 10kg, too.


Soya, White Rice, Maize, Sunflower Oil, Peas, Beet Pulp, Brewers Yeast, Vitamins and Minerals, Monosodium Phosphate, Tomato, Vegetable Stock, Yucca Schidigera Extract (0.05%), Fructooligosaccharides (prebiotic FOS; 0.01%)

Allergen: Soy

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much of Benevo’s Puppy Food should I feed my pup daily?

While Benevo provides a feeding chart that you can refer to, that all depends on your pup! You need to factor in age and observe its activity levels and adjust feeding accordingly. Make sure to increase their food intake as they get older, too.