These delicious burgers can be smoky, nourishing and comforting. They can be “raw” and need cooking, or they can be prepared ready for you to eat. You can barbeque them, pan fry them or even bake them in the oven - whatever you prefer. 

The Best Vegan Burgers on PlantX

Find your favourites from this list of delicious vegan burgers found on PlantX. We’ve chosen the most flavoursome, different and exciting options for you to choose from.

Nut Burger - Goodlife

These burgers are made with carrots, onions, parsnips, nuts and other ingredients full of goodness! They are a great source of protein and have a delicious and comforting flavour that is made without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The kids love them too!

Sausage Burger - Moving Mountains

Meaty, succulent and full of flavour - these vegan burgers from Moving Mountains mimic the delicious flavour and texture of sausages perfectly. This vegan Sausage Burger is packed with protein, and will be loved by any burger fan (vegan or not). Enjoy this vegan burger knowing that you’re also ditching cholesterol, antibiotics, hormones and other nasty stuff!

Chicken-Style Burgers - Fry’s

Struggling to stop eating chicken? Not anymore! This vegan burger is a mouth-watering mix of soy protein and spices that are covered in a crispy, golden crumb. It has a crispy exterior and is soft and juicy from the inside. It tastes just like chicken and is a fantastic source of plant-based protein. Have it in a burger or without - it makes a great meal just as it is, maybe with some chips and salad!

Vegan Burgers - Tivall

These Vegan Burgers from Tivall are the perfect option for the whole family. They have a delicious and subtle chargrilled flavour and a juicy texture. Grill them, fry them or cook them in the oven - whatever you prefer. In addition to being easy to prepare, they come in a four-pack. 

Baked Beans & Vegan Burgers - Suma

Craving vegan burgers but don’t have the other ingredients? Suma delivers a ready meal in a can that is packed with protein; baked beans and vegan burgers in rich tomato sauce. This comforting meal is easy and fast to prepare - it is also an absolute favourite for the kids. 

Top Tips for Vegan Burgers

Some people think vegan burgers don’t have taste or have the wrong texture. They could not be more wrong! To give you the best delicious vegan burger experience, we wanted to give you a few tips.

Firstly, never underestimate the cooking instructions in the back of your vegan burger packaging. Since these burgers could be made from legumes, soy protein or even mushrooms, it is extremely important to cook them as instructed. You don’t want to miss out on the juicy, meaty and mouth watering end result, right?

If you are a big fan of spices, smoky flavour or something else that vegan burgers don’t naturally have, you can always add seasoning. Powdered seasoning, such as garlic, chilli or smoke powder will take your vegan burger to another level. 

Lastly, making sure that the other ingredients around your vegan burger are delicious and high quality, will make your burger meal even better. Our vegan burgers are so good and therefore we believe that to make the meal complete, it is the whole meal that counts. Make sure that your vegan burger has both soft and crunchy texture in addition to that delicious vegan patty!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vegan burgers really healthier?

Most vegan burgers are made with vegetables, whole grains and legumes like beans. Because of these ingredients, vegan burgers are higher in fibre, vitamins and minerals, compared to regular burgers. Plant-based burgers differ with nutrition, so remember to check the ingredients to make the best sustainable and healthy choice!

Can I freeze vegan burgers once it has been cooked?

This depends on the brand. Most plant-based burgers are made with vegetables and legumes, so the texture might change if being frozen after cooking. Although most of them can be frozen after being cooked, the firmest and juiciest texture might be at its best right after cooking. 

What is the main ingredient in plant-based burgers?

There are plenty of different kinds of delicious vegan burgers. They can be made with vegetables, beans, tofu, nuts, grains, seeds or even mushrooms. Some vegan burgers are made with soy protein or mycoprotein. Mycoprotein is a type of protein that comes from fungus. Some vegan burgers (usually the ones made to look like meat) contain “heme” soy leghemoglobin. This is a colour additive that makes the vegan burgers look like they “bleed”, just like real meat. This is great for the people who want their vegan meat to imitate real meat as much as possible. 

Is a plant-based burger safe for children?

Of course! Vegan burgers are a great meal for children along with a healthy, balanced diet. Vegan burgers can contain ingredients such as beans and corn, so as long as the children are old enough to chew properly, they make a great option for a more nutritional and sustainable burger option for the whole family. 

Should we switch from regular burgers to plant-based burgers?

On top of reducing your environmental impact on the planet by eating plant-based (which by the way, is the single biggest way to reduce it) it also adds more vitamins, minerals and fibre into your diet. Swapping regular burgers into vegan burgers also reduces saturated fats (bad fats) in your diet. Saturated fats have been linked to health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In conclusion, eating plants is better for the body and better for the environment!