About Meridian Foods

Nobody does nut butter better than Meridian Food. They make all-natural nut butter with just 100% nuts! They say that doing good tastes better and, after tasting their nut butter, we believe them. Another good thing about the nut butter they make? They are completely palm oil-free.

Meridian Foods started in 1980. They've spent years growing their range of nut butter to a point where they are the brand with the widest selection of them - and that’s speaking for the entire UK and Ireland! That’s no small feat!

But Meridian Foods isn’t just about nut butter. They also make good, organic food. Most of what they make are pantry favourites like Meridian molasses, Meridian tahini, Meridian date syrup, and Meridian chocolate spread.

People love Meridian Foods because they’re completely vegan! You won’t notice the difference between them and their regular non-vegan counterparts. While they’ve made a name for themselves in the spread and nut butter department, they’ve also got some delicious seasonings and sauces!

So far, the products you’ll see here on the page are just a few - a good few, though. We’re very excited to see what Meridian Foods will make next! If they do add to their tasty line-up of vegan products, you can bet that you’ll find them here at PlantX! Check back regularly to see if new products are added!

Best Meridian Products To Try First

With all the options, you may be trying to figure out which ones to try first! We got you. Here, you’ll find a list of recommendations that include spreads, sauces, and oils.

Meridian Hazelnut Butter

Have you tried Meridian Hazelnut Butter yet? Because you totally should. It’s unlike those other hazelnut spreads (you know the ones). This crunchy nut butter is made with only 100% roasted hazelnuts!

Meridian Organic Maple Syrup

Clean-tasting maple syrup, just as nature intended! Sweeten your stack of pancakes or waffles, add a drizzle to some oatmeal, or add on top of a sweet dessert. This bottle of organic maple syrup can do it all!

Meridian Tahini

Made with roasted sesame seeds, Meridian Tahini is built differently. It is free from any added salt and sugar because it doesn’t need it. It’s naturally just a smooth, velvety, and absolutely delicious sesame paste.

Meridian Natural Yeast Extract

What’s Meridian Natural Yeast Extract, you ask? It is your new next pantry go-to for making dishes yummily umami. Stews, pasta, and a variety of other savoury dishes can get that extra depth by getting a teaspoon of Meridian Natural Yeast Extract added to them.

Meridian Organic Barley Malt Extract

Only a few home bakers and cooks know the benefits of having a jar of Meridian Organic Barley Malt Extract handy. You can be part of that group! Meridian’s Organic Barley Malt Extract is great for baking, cooking, and even making delicious hot drinks.

Meridian Organic Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Everyone knows that a bottle of good EVOO is a must! This bottle contains cold-pressed olive oil, making it better than regular oil as no heat or chemicals have been introduced to make it.

Meridian Tamari Soya Sauce

This traditionally-brewed soy-based sauce is top quality! It is free from artificial preservatives or flavours. Use it as a dipping sauce or use it to make marinades. Meridian Tamari Soya Sauce is gluten-free, too! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Meridian Foods use palm oil in any of its products?

Zero. You won’t find any palm oil in any of Meridian Foods’ products. They have a Palm Oil Free certification from POFCAP, and they are the ONLY UK nut butter brand to have that.

If you’re still in doubt, Meridian Food clearly labels their packaging and discloses that they don’t use any palm oil in foods that might contain them, such as their nut butter!

Are Meridian Foods suitable for a Kosher diet?

Meridian Foods does not have Kosher certification for all its products. However, Meridian Nut Butters may be suitable for a Kosher diet as stated on their website. Still, it never hurts to double-check the products!

Kosher products will be labelled as such on their product packaging. Look for the certified Kosher logo, too! That goes for all kosher-friendly products, not just those from Meridian Foods!

Are all of the Meridian products suitable for vegans?

Yes! You may have come across a few products under the Cocoa and Coconut range that have been made with honey in the past. Meridian Foods changed its recipe and now uses agave syrup instead!

Plus, we at PlantX only select vegan products to list on the site. If any of Meridian Foods’ products aren’t vegan. You won’t find them here!

Are Meridian Foods’ ingredients ethically sourced?

Meridian Foods is all about natural and ethically-sourced ingredients whenever they can. Meridian Foods conducts ethical checks to make sure that their supply of peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, and sesame is up to code.

Mirroring what we mentioned earlier, this is why people love Meridian Foods! The transparency and dedication to providing us with tasty, top-quality food that comes from ethically-sourced, organic ingredients are quite admirable!

Why is there a layer of oil on top of my nut butter?

That’s just a separation of the nuts and their natural oils. Nothing else! So, don’t worry if you see some separation in your jar of nut butter. This is totally common.

This can easily be remedied by grabbing a clean spoon and just giving your jar of nut butter a good stir until everything is fully incorporated. Shaking the jar isn’t ideal since it won’t really mix the oils back in with the nut butter. So we do recommend the spoon method. 

Given a good stir, your nut butter will look new and will achieve a spreadable consistency once more.