Chocolate is not just a treat, it’s a life necessity! That’s why we thought we’d better build up a collection of the best vegan chocolate for you guys - our favourite plant-powered people. From classic and creamy, to decadent and dark and everything in between, we’ve got vegan chocolate bars and vegan chocolate eggs for all occasions. Got allergies? No problem! Check out our range of the best dairy-free chocolate and gluten-free chocolate! 

In search of mouth wateringly good vegan chocolate? Let’s dive in! 

The Ethics of Vegan Chocolate

The chocolate industry has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to ethics and sustainability. With huge carbon emissions, deforestation, poor working conditions, child labor and even slavery, regular non-vegan chocolate comes at a price for both planet and people

As vegans, we tend to care a lot about where our food comes from and the impact it has. That’s why the best dairy-free chocolate brands do everything they can to ensure their vegan chocolate is as ethical and sustainable as can be. 

Some ethical credentials you’ll notice a lot around here are the use of organic single origin cacao which supports small-scale cacao growers, and Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance & Soil Association certifications. 

Always on the lookout for innovative sustainability and ethical excellence, we are proud to stock some of the best ethical vegan chocolate suppliers available in the UK. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few of our faves…

Montezuma’s has a strict Trading Fairly policy. Through this, they are helping to build a sustainable cocoa production system, through education, empowerment and investment in local communities. Plus, they use only the best plant-based ingredients packaged in 100% recyclable materials. 

Try their amazingly intense Absolute Black 100% Cocoa vegan chocolate bar, if you dare…! 

Vego uses only fairtrade, sustainably grown and organic ingredients to create their deliciously nutty vegan chocolate. Packed with roasted hazelnuts, try Vego’s classic Organic Whole Hazelnut vegan chocolate bar for a vegan chocolate treat like no other! 

Divine is co-owned by a union of expert Kenyan cacao growers. A certified B Corp, Divine’s organic cacao beans are ethically sourced from a farmer’s co-operative on Sao Tome island in West Africa - a community known for its excellence in cacao production. 

Try Divine’s Smooth Dark with Raspberries for a rich, tangy and guilt-free vegan chocolate delight! 

Chocolate & Love creates organic, Fairtrade certified and award-winning vegan chocolate. Their single origin Madagascar cacao supply chain is fully traceable, and their packaging is 100% compostable. 

Try Chocolate & Love’s Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate for another fruity favourite. 

Raw Halo is all about simplicity. They use only a handful of the finest organic, Fairtrade and plant-based ingredients to create their raw vegan chocolate. They also work in partnership with a social enterprise chocolate factory which offers skill training, and helps people reach their full potential. Raw Halo packaging is 100% recyclable and they also plant a tree for every 50 bars sold, in partnership with One Tree Planted. 

Better for people and the planet, Try Raw Halo’s Mylk + Pink Himalayan Salt vegan chocolate bar for some pure plant-powered pleasure. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Dairy-Free Chocolate Made Of? 

Not all vegan chocolate contains the same ingredients. However, most vegan chocolate bars are made from cacao butter, cacao powder and sugar. Vegan chocolate may also contain other plant-based ingredients such as creamed coconut, nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts, sunflower lecithin (a plant-based emulsifier), vanilla or sea salt.

The best vegan chocolate has a higher cacao content than regular non vegan chocolate (usually between 55%-90%), meaning it is packed with more beneficial antioxidants. 

Is Vegan Chocolate Gluten-Free?

Here at PlantX, we are passionate about catering to folks with all kinds of dietary requirements. That’s why lots of our delicious vegan chocolate is 100% gluten-free. 

Use our handy gluten-free filter to find vegan chocolate that suits YOU! You’ll find it in the left-hand sidebar under Health & Ingredients.

Is Vegan Chocolate guaranteed Dairy-Free?

Take note: not all vegan chocolate is guaranteed to be dairy-free. This is because some vegan chocolate is manufactured alongside regular chocolate, meaning it may be contaminated with dairy. 

However, there are plenty of vegan chocolate brands that care about making their vegan chocolate accessible to all. One of our favourite dairy-free chocolate brands is Moo Free. Moo Free makes delicious vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate, with great options for kids and grownups alike! 

You’ll find that most of the vegan chocolate here at PlantX is 100% dairy free. Simply check the ingredients and we will always mention if a product may contain traces of milk. 

Is All Plant-Based Chocolate Dark?

Once upon a time, vegan chocolate meant super dark, intense and crumbly chocolate. Not everyone’s cup of tea! Thanks to plant-based pioneering, the vegan chocolate world today looks very different. 

While we still have plenty of deliciously dark and sophisticated vegan chocolate bars and buttons, we’ve got a whole lot more variety on offer as well. 
Try Raw Halo’s Mylk & Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar for something seriously creamy and oh-so-dreamy. H!P’s Salty Pretzel Oat Milk Chocolate Bar is another naturally velvety vegan chocolate bar, made with smooth oat milk. Hey, we’ve even got Moo Free’s White Buttons for those of you missing the mellow, buttery goodness of white chocolate.